Poker Automatics-Legit or Scam?

I have recently found this website by reading a review on another website. The following review will tell you what I have experienced about this site. I think you will find it very informing.

  • Name: Poker Automatics
  • Website:
  • Business Model: Online Poker
  • Incorporated: Yes
  • Country of Origin: Belize
  • Cost: Free to Join/ $30 minimum Deposit
  • Verdict: Jury is out

What is Poker Automatics?

Poker Automatics is an automatics system for making money online by playing poker on online poker sites with the use of a series of poker bots. You don’t have to know anything about poker to make money with this system. Its almost too easy. Profits from the system are made 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This system can make you passive income without any human interference. I recently deposited $84 and that will run for 30 days at which time I will see how much profit I have made. That should be on January 31, 2016 so come back and check for updates to this review.

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How long have Poker Automatics been in business?

The company started developing the poker bots about 9 years ago and then in 2011 they went online and began to use the bots in online poker sites. All accounts are processed automatically for ease of use and this makes things run very smoothly for the company.


What are poker bots?

Poker bots are basically software that has been created with specific algorithms for playing poker. The bots that Poker Automatics uses are much better that any binary automated trading site uses. This is why you don’t need to know anything about poker to create passive income for yourself. Its like that oven that Ron Popiel invented years ago you just “set it and forget it”. Pretty nice I think.



Poker Automatics has a very good affiliate program.

There are 2 different affiliate programs that Poker Automatics has, the first one is for ordinary clients like you and me. The second program is called a referral program for representatives.

  1. Ordinary Referral program is a 3 tier program, Level 1 is 3% of the referral’s deposit and 5% of the referral’s profit. Level 2 is 2% of your referral’s profit. and Level 3 is 1% of your referral’s profit.
  2. Representative referral program is also a 3 tier program, Level 1 is 5% of your referral’s deposit and 10% of your referrals profit. Level 2 is 3% of your referral’s profit and Level 3 is 2% of your referrals profit.

For more info on the affiliate program with Poker Automatics you can read about it by clicking here.

How do you become a representative with Poker Automatics?

In order to become a representative for Poker Automatics you must have deposited at least $1000 and you are ready to help other people in your country or region you can just fill out a short application right there on the website and submit it to Poker Automatics for review.


What are the processors that Poker Automatics uses?

There are several different processors that Poker Automatics accepts in fact there are so many i wont list them here I will just show you the image below.


What are other clients saying about Poker Automatics?

This is one thing that I found interesting. There are video testimonials right there on the website. Usually when i see something like this I figure these are probably just actors that have been hired to give a positive review of their company because that does happen all the time with scam sites. But from what I can tell these reviews are real people that have not been hired but are actual clients with Poker Automatics. Just look at the one I have inserted below.

 How can Poker Automatics offer $1000 when you sign up?

The $1000 you get when you sign up is virtual money for you to use just to try out Poker Automatics to see how it works. This to me is a fantastic idea. I know in my case I made a profit of $130 in virtual money in about 2 weeks using that demo. It really gives you and idea how easy it is to use. Below is a screenshot of my personal virtual account and you will see that I have made $42 just in the last 2 days! And I started out with $1000 in virtual money!!



Update on Poker Automatics

Poker Automatics has turned into a scam the website is gone and so is the facebook group!!! I was a bit leary of this company and now my instincts proved to be true.



I look forward to any feedback you may have on this company!!