PrimeBankers-Legitimate or Another Scam?

I want to tell you about a new site that I have been referred to just recently. Its called Primebankers, I have just made a small deposit just to see if this site really lives up to what they claim.


  • Name: Primebankers
  • Website:
  • Cost: Free to join
  • Business model: Investments
  • Verdict: Scam
  • Minimum Deposit: $10

What is Prime Bankers?

Prime Bankers is not what you would call your normal investment company and they even say as much on their website. They call it an “Unorthodox” business model. They are based in Hong Kong and they originally started the company in February of 2015. Due to the rapid growth of their clientele they have gone public and thus created Alpha General Trading (AGT). This is their registered company which is based int the Philippines. This companies main focus is the manufacture of very high end industrial and commercial furniture and supplies.


The demand for the products has become so high that they decided to open up investing to the public in July of 2015. This is where people like you and I come in. They do not invest in forex trading or anything like that, their profits come from the manufacture and sale of their commercial and industrial products.

Can anyone join Prime Bankers?

Yes anyone can join Prime Bankers for free. But in order to start making money you need to make a deposit of at least $10 in one the 6 plans that Prime Bankers offers. They range in rates of your return depending on how much you have deposited and how many days until it matures. You can see the different plans by clicking here.

 How does Prime Banker use the money I deposit?

They use your investment to match the down payment of their customers to help fulfill their orders. Then in 3 to 5 days the customer pays the second billing and this is how they can sustain payments and fullfill what they offer in their investment plans.


Is there any payment proofs from Prime Bankers?

Unlike some other trading site where I’ve seen what they call payment proofs which are really nothing more than some fake numbers on the website but never in the processor that the client has claimed to received. Prime Bankers have a quite a lot of client that have shown their withdrawals on the facebook group page and most of them are in the processor that they withdrew with. This was very impressive to me. This is just one of the withdrawals I have seen on facebook not too bad wouldn’t you say?


There is a wide variety of processors that Prime Bankers accepts.

Prime Bankers uses a variety of e currency processors these are shown below in the

My opinion of Prime Bankers.

At this point it does appear to be a scam they have stopped paying their clients. I have invested a small amount of money myself just see what happens. If you are interested in trying this out please feel free to join for free and maybe make a small deposit of $10 and see where it takes you. I figured I’ve lost more than $10 playing slot machines so it was worth a shot. As right now I have a total of about $57 deposited in this company. But you need to keep one thing in mind that this is another HYIP so it will only last about 90 days at the most. So after you make your investment pull your profits out asap so you dont lose anything. Im glad I got my money back when I did.