Qwikad Affiliate Program-Is This For You?

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I ran across this affiliate program while I was surfing through Google+ and I thought it looked interesting. So at the moment I am researching Qwikad as I write this review. So far what I have seen looks pretty good as an affiliate program. Please read my review and you may want to try this affiliate program for yourself or maybe place an ad with Qwikad.

Name: Qwikad

Website: Qwikad.com

Commission per Sale: $2.00

Payout Threshold: $10.00

Method of Payment: Paypal

Cost to Join: Free with Instant Approval

Rating: 70/100

What is Qwikad?

Qwikad is a website where a person can post a classified ad for free if it is a local ad in your area. Or for $5 you can post a classified ad throughout the United States and Canada. This is a great site for any small business or online marketer that wants to get nationwide exposure.

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How does the Qwikad Affiliate Program Work?

The Qwikad affiliate program is a good program for all publishers of any size to make money promoting the Qwikad website. The way it works is when you get a referral to sign up at Qwikad and they in turn purchase a classified ad either local or any number of cities in the U.S. or Canada you will receive $2 for each purchase.

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Qwikad uses 6 month cookies so when you get a paid referral you will keep getting paid for that referral if they come back within the next 6 months and purchase more ads.

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How long Do I have to wait to be approved by Qwikad?

This is the really great part, after you have reached the $10 minimum payout thresh hold you will only have to wait 48 hours for your money to be deposited into your paypal account. Pretty cool huh? Unlike many other affiliate programs that make you wait for 30 days or more before you see a dime.

What tools for affiliates does Qwikad offer?

Qwikad has a whole host of advertising banners and text ads to choose from. These banner ads are very attractive and easy to use. An example of one the banner ads is shown above. There is no limit to where you can advertise Qwikad any website, blog or is acceptable. You can read more at the terms of use page on Qwikads.

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There is also a tracking page for affiliates, this will show your sales for a two week period. This is a very nice tool they have right there on the website.



Does Qwikad have a support system?

There is a support system in place at Qwikads this includes a FAQ page as well as a ticket submission system. The faq page is very informative and usually answers most questions affiliates have

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What are the pros of Qwikad?

There are a lot of pros for the Qwikad affiliate program.

  1. Short wait period for payment.
  2. Low payout threshold of $10
  3. Loads of tools for affiliates to use at their discretion.
  4. Free to join the affiliate program
  5. Ease of use.

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What are the Cons of Qwikad?

As far as I can tell there really isn’t anything that I can call a con or anything I don’t like about Qwikad.

My final recommendation of the Qwikad affiliate program.

Well I would be a liar if said I think this a scam because I am quite sure it is not. So if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Qwikad I would tell to go for it and good luck in the future. And if you would like to post a classified ad either locally or many cities in the U.S. or Canada click the link below and start your ad campaigns today. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts below. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep informed of any new scams sites or any new recommendations that I may have found for you to take a look at. I give this site a big thumbs up!!!thumbs up

Cheers, Jim