Swiss Incomes-Scam or Legit?

Swiss Incomes is a website that someone referred me too not to long ago. It looks very good but as you know looks can be deceiving. I have seen a lot of HYIP programs lately that look fantastic from the outside. At least their websites are top notch when it comes to design. The same is true for Swiss Incomes it has great looking site! Let’s take a closer look and see what it is all about and maybe we can determine if it is another HYIP scam or a legitimate online offer.

  • Name: Swiss Incomes
  • Website:
  • Owner: Freyr Johnsson
  • Cost: Free to register
  • Phone: +354.5528800
  • Location: Website in US- Registrant in Reykjavik
  • Date Started: December 2013/ Online since September 2015

How does Swiss Incomes work?

So far from what I can tell Swiss Incomes allows its member to invest their money and they do the trading for you. You do not have to know anything about forex trading just make your deposit in one of the 3 different plans they offer and at the time of this review they are offering a bonus plan for Christmas.


What does Swiss Incomes invest in?

Apparently Swiss Incomes invests in Swiss currencies. They claim that the franc is the most traded currency in the world. I suppose that could be true. Either way so far I have seen nothing that indicates that this is a short lived scam even though they have only been online for about 100 days or so, but then again you never know with this kind of program.


What are the different plans offered by Swiss Incomes?

There are 3 plans that Swiss Incomes offers lets check them one at a time.

1.The Swiss-Beginner Plan

This plan is for those who don’t want to invest a lot money but still want to get some kind of return on their investment.It is setup like this, 10% daily for 12 days for deposits of $20-$299 in other words if you make a deposit of $100 in this plan you will be getting $10 a day for 12 days and then your return on your $100 will be $120 for that 12 days.

2.The Swiss-Advanced Plan

This plan will pay you 150% of your initial deposit after only 8 days. The deposit range for this plan is $300-$499 deposits. For example if you deposit $400 and wait for 8 days your return would be $600 and your profit would be $200.

3. The Swiss-Expert Plan

This plan is for those of you who to get more for your money in a shorter period of time. The return on this plan is 200% after 6 days. And the limits on deposits are $500-$999. So your return on $800 would be $1600 in only 6 days. $800 profit in about a week isn’t bad at all, especially if all you have to do is make the deposit and let it ride so to speak.

4. The Xmas Bonus Plan.

The first 3 plans are permanent plans that are always there. This Xmas bonus plan is temporary and pays the best return by far. The return on this plan is 350% after 4 days. The website shows 500% after 2 days but the description says 350% after 4 days. I am confused about this. The deposit limits are $1000-$20,000 max so at the minimum you could stand to return $3500 on a $1000 deposit in 4 days which isn’t really that bad either. For more info that may help explain this you can click here.

Does Swiss Incomes have a support staff?

They claim to have a support team online to answer any questions you may and to help you make a sound decision when making your investment.


There is an affiliate program with Swiss Incomes.

Swiss Incomes has a pretty good affiliate program which you can join and you do not need to make a deposit in order to promote their company. The commission is 5% of each referral that makes a deposit through your affiliate link that you receive when you register for your account.

My final thoughts and verdict on Swiss Incomes.

At this point I cannot say if it is a scam or not only time will tell that. But I have a fairly good feeling about this program. The only way to know is to try it for myself and see what happens. If you would like try it please do, I would like to hear from more people about this program and how they liked it.

 Update on Swiss Incomes.

Just in today that Swiss Incomes has turned into a scam. They have stopped paying so just be warned that this is most likely a scam!!!

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