9 thoughts on “The Chaotic Company-Scam”

  • Carolyn Martin

    Hello Mr. Nelson,

    Thank you for the information on how to file a complaint with the FBI, regarding the chaotic company owner Anthony Samuel. I really appreciate this info. I was hoping for the best but I guess it is time to see it for what it is and move forward in trying to get my money back that I invested with this company. Again thank you for this info. Have you heard anything from the chaotic company at all or are they not responding to anyone? Any other info you may have regarding the chaotic company would be appreciated. Again thank you.

    Carolyn Martin

  • admin

    I have not heard anything at all. Anthony and I are no longer friends and I assume he is hiding from the law. He will eventually be arrested and charged with fraud I assume.

  • Tom owen

    I paid with Western Union. Can I report fraud to them at this late stage? I want my $1000 back. Thanks.

  • admin

    Yes you can report them to the FBI. There is a link in this review to report them.

  • Javier A.

    Thanks for the info. I invested with a group of people and I’ll need to get the deposit details from one of them. I plan on filing against TCC.

  • admin

    Yes encourage all to file a complaint with the FBI

  • Michael

    Any news or update in regards to Chaotic or Anthony?

  • admin

    The Chaotic company is no longer around and I would assume Anthony has gone into hiding from the FBI

  • Stef Kent

    Thank you for the info….I will be filing a complaint.

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