Tradeex Pro Review

Hello and welcome to my review of I think you may find this review quite interesting as well as inviting and maybe a bit refreshing.

Tradeex Pro is an investing company much like Merchant Shares as it does not have high interest rates of return on your investment. That makes this company very sustainable. I also notice that there are 2 office addresses one is in New York and the other in London England. I like the fact that they have an office right here in the USA because that makes it fairly easy to do some back ground checking on them.

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What are the rates of returns?

This varies from day to day much like Merchant Shares, it can as low as 1% to 5% depending on the day and how the market is trading. Your investment with Tradeex Pro is intended to create long term income for you. I do not consider this a hyip because of the slower rate of growth on your investment.

Tradeex Pro has a great affiliate program.

The affiliate program that Tradeex Pro offers is one of the better ones I have seen in awhile. It is a 3 tier program with 2 ranks, one is called the “Investor Rank” and the other is called the “Partner Rank”. Under each rank you will notice that there is a different title assigned depending on the size of investment. Which I thought was pretty cool.

As you see below each level pays differently according to how much your referrals have invested including yourself. The more you accumulate the higher your commission will be.

Withdrawing From Tradeex Pro.

Withdrawals can be made every day but only once per day. Withdrawals are handled automatically so there is no manually processing of the withdrawals and are usually processed within an hour of the request. Earnings are accrued every day as well so you will be able to see your profits grow on a daily basis. And of course the more you invest the more you will earn as with any investing program.

Are there risks involved?

As with any type of investment there is always risks involved. There is no sure fire 100% guaranteed investment program anywhere. If some says that they have a 100% guaranteed investment program then they are most likely lying and trying to scam you out of your money.

What are the Pros of Tradeex Pro?

  1. I like the fact that Tradex Pro is in fact registered in New York as a legitimate company. You check that for yourself by clicking here.
  2. I also like that this company and its founders are pretty transparent and seem to be very professional at their business.
  3. There is also the sustainability built into this company but not paying out outlandish returns on investments.
  4. A very good affiliate program that is setup to help you make even more money along with your investments and that you can use to invest with.

I really didn’t see much in the way of red flags with this company. If there is more information out there I would love hear about good or bad.

Can I endorse Tradeex Pro?

Updated information that has been passed along to me. Tradeex has gone to scam and the website is now gone.