Traffic N Cash-Review


What is Traffic N Cash?

Traffic N Cash is another revshare website much like My Paying Ads. The site it self is almost identical to MPA but there are a few differences. The split for earning is a little better 60/40 I believe. I do not believe this site is scam but I am wondering how long it will be around. The differences between MPA and Traffic N Cash are enough to make me think that they are not set up for longevity. They launched this site on October 10,2015 so they have not been around for a real long time.

How does Traffic N Cash Compare?

Let me compare Traffic N Cash to some of the other revshare sites that I am personally involved with. Lets start with My Paying Ads. The minimum cost of one adshare on this site is $1.00 and Traffic N Cash is $25. I think that is bit high myself but I will say that the payout is better. Also with MPA the split for earnings is 70/30 and with Traffic N Cash it is 60/40 you get the 60% and with MPA you get the 30%. Both of these are ok and they have them in placde to keep any one person from taking all the profits and running there by keeping cash on hand for repurchasing ad shares.

How Does Traffic N Cash compare to Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is a bit different and the cost of one share is much greater than Traffic N Cash. You have 10 ads to surf every 24 hours and the cost per share is $50 but again the payout is very good. There are no splits with profits you can redeposit all of it or withdraw your profits. The profits include your initial deposit. Lets face it all revshares make you money but it is not a get rich quick scheme and it does require some effort. But in the long run they all pay that is if they are not a scam.

What is the best revshare program?

I really cant say what the best program I think it would depend on the individual and how much each person can afford to purchase. This is one thing that I always think about when looking at a new online program. You need to ask yourself if you can afford $10 or even $50 anything in between. I have been doing very well with My Paying Ads and I have just recently started with Traffic N Cash and Traffic Monsoon these 3 have all been doing fairly well for me. You can decide for yourself which one is the best one for you.

Does Traffic N Cash use Paypal as a processor?

Traffic N Cash does use Paypal as one of its processors they also use Solid Trust Pay and Payza. I really believe that Paypal will no longer be used and I do recommend that you use one of the other 2 processors if you can. Paypal has changed its terms of service especially for revshare programs and making it very hard for these programs to continue using them. When this happens Paypal will hold their money for 6 months to insure against disputes and etc. This will bring any revshare to a stop and sometimes even make them shut down. Traffic Monsoon has just recently stopped using Paypal for this very reason.

I hope this review has helped you in some way in making a decision on joining any revshare program. The 3 I have mentioned are the 3 that I am involved with at the moment you check them out by click on the links within this review.