Traffic Wave-Scam or Legit Affiliate Program?

traffic wave logo is basically an MLM or pyramid program and this one is legal, that pays its member on several different levels. The program itself is a good one and it is a good way to build your email list if you don’t have one already. 

Name: Traffic Wave


Cost: Free for 30 days/ then $17.95 a month

Support: Yes

Rating: 55/100

Operators: Hamney Roobright Inc.

What is Traffic Wave?

traffic wave management

Traffic Wave was founded in the year 2000 and located in Spring, Texas. The founders are Brian Rooney and Steven Hambright. Traffic Wave is a developer and manager of autoresponder technology in over 140 countries for small and medium sized businesses. The client that this company has can access their accounts 24/7 to manage and send newsletters, sales offers and etc. to their own customers.

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How many autoresponders can I have with Traffic Wave?

You can have as many autoresponders as you need with Traffic Wave whether its just one or 100 the monthly rate stays the same $17.95 per month. Unlike some other sites where you will be charged per campaign which is not good for a business since this will cut down on profits. The same is true for affiliate marketers since autoresponders are a big part of affiliate marketing. So this is a good program for almost any type of business that has a website. This includes restaurants, retail stores, auto dealerships and affiliate marketers.traffic wave questions



How many contacts can I have with Traffic Wave?

Here is a nice feature of Traffic Wave. Each autoresponder can handle an unlimited amount of contacts.Whether it be a few dozen or a few thousand Traffic Wave can handle it.

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Do I need a credit card to join Traffic Wave?

No credit card is needed to start out with the 30 day free trial and you can upgrade at any time during that period. However after the 30 trial period ends you must upgrade to the monthly membership in order to continue to use their autoresponders and services.

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Why is Traffic Wave better than installing autoresponder software?

Some of the benefits of Traffic Wave are listed below, this is just a small list there are many more.

  • No technical knowledge is required to set up, like stand alone software requires.
  • No server knowledge or programming required
  • You can access your account at any time from anywhere.
  • All unsubscribe and opt out options are handled automatically.
  • Your service is is always up and running 24 hours a day.
  • Your service is always up to date and never needs updating.

traffic wave features


Does Traffic Wave make sure my emails get delivered?

Traffic Wave boasts an outstanding relationship with many larger ISP’s and also many blacklist services. The team of professionals at Traffic Wave are very committed to the sharing of information and this in turn helps to insure that your messages are getting delivered on time.

How do I get started with Traffic Wave?

Joining Traffic Wave is easy just sign up for the 30 day free trial and start to send emails and messages to your potential clients and customers.traffic wave get started


Can I import my own mailing lists with Traffic Wave?

Yes you can import your own email lists if they are valid. Traffic Wave will not accept invalid email lists in order to keep you and themselves from being labeled a spammer. Only email lists that have the approval of the recipient can be used with Traffic Wave. This is especially true if you are thinking about buying an email list which by itself is not a good idea.

What if I don’t have a mailing list?

If you don’t have an email list yet not to worry, by using Traffic Wave you can start to build your own list and be on your way to a successful email marketing future.

Also if you don’t have a website Traffic Wave has capture page templates that can be used to build your email lists quickly.

What I like about Traffic Wave.

I like the website itself it easy to navigate and understand what Traffic Wave is all about. I also like the 30 day try before you buy option. The unlimited contact space you receive with Traffic Wave is also a very nice feature.

What I don’t like about Traffic Wave.

The one thing I didn’t quite like is the fact that the banner ads do not have a code you can just paste in your wordpress blog or website. I know it’s not a huge thing but it would be a little easier using the banners.

Do I recommend Traffic Wave as an affiliate program?

In a word yes, this is a good affiliate program and a good service to promote to any business that you wish. I think the money making potential is there for a person to make quite a few extra dollars.

Verdict: Not a Scam but a  legal Pyramid Program

If you are interested in promoting Traffic Wave just click the banner below and get started today. And be sure to sign up for our weekly updates by filling out the form below.

Cheers, Jim

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