Triple Threat Marketing – Is it a Scam?

 I have joined this revshare just to find out how it works and if they are really paying. After the downfall of My Paying Ads I have pretty much stayed away from revshares but I thought I might give this one a shot.


  • Name: Triple Threat Marketing
  • Website:
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Business Model: Advertising Sales/Revhare
  • Cost: Free to join/$10 per month Phase 1

How is Triple Threat Different From Other Revshares?

There are some differences between Triple Threat and other revshare programs I have seen. The first one I noticed is that they have a 3 phase system they use for membership. When I first saw this I was a bit skeptical then I saw why they have it set up like this and it made perfect sense to me.

What Are the 3 Phases of Triple Threat?

All members join through Phase 1 of Triple Threat and this is a $10 per month membership. But don’t get alarmed at the price because with every referral you get $5 and with just 2 referrals per month this will pay for itself.

What Does Phase 1 Include?

Phase 1 of Triple Threat includes access to their Facebook auto poster that makes it easier to market Triple Threat on Facebook. You will still want to market them in other places as well. I use million leads for free a lot and it seems to do pretty well at times. This will also get you access to the digital help center that Triple Threat has to help you with your marketing strategy.

What is Phase 2?

Phase 2 is pretty much like any other revshare. When you purchase adpacks you receive ad credits so people can view your website or affiliate site while you earn passive income from veiwing others ads. I know that you can earn $100 per day using a strategy the one of my friends on facebook is using. I will show this strategy later in this article.

What is Phase 3?

Phase 3 offers the members to purchase solo ads. This is a massive email campaign that is sent out to other members. In other words your website or product could be seen by thousands of other people who are interested in making money online just like you. There is a limit of 3 solo ads a day purchase in order to maintain the sustainability of the company. For every 3 solo ads purchased they will pay out $50 to members who have already purchased them. This means that the member contribute to each other for their solo ads.


How Can I Make $100 a day with Triple Threat?

One of my friends on facebook has come up with a strategy that will make $100 per day for you in 5 days. It does require a fair size investment in the process but it will payoff in the long run. Here is his 5 day strategy:

How to achieve $100/day in TT3
1st day
Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
Investment on first day = $500
2nd day
1st day income = $121.92
1st day profits = $27.49
Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
Fresh investment on 2nd day = $150+$350-$121.92 = $378
3rd day
2nd day income = $243.84
2nd day profits = $54.98
Purchase 25 x $3 = $75
Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
Fresh investment on 3rd day = $75+$350-$243 = $182
4th day
3rd day income = $335.88
3rd day profits = $76.50
Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
Fresh investment on 4th day = $150+350-$335 = $165
5th day
4th day income = $398.04
4th day profits = $92.04
Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
Purchase 25 x $7 = $175
Fresh investment on 5th day = $150+$175-$398 = -$73 (That means you do not have to invest anymore but you can take out $73 without effecting your number of shares)
5th day profits = $99.81 << This is your Target
From 5th day onward withdraw $100 every day and maintain 125 x $3 shares and 225 x $7 shares to keep withdrawing $100 every day.
Total paid = $1225
Daily income without losing any shares from 6th day = $100
ROI = 13 days after 5th day
For those of you, who cannot afford to start with $1325, start with the amount that you can afford until you reach 125 x $3 and 225 x $7 active shares.

Here is what one of Triple Threats members has to say.

Muhammed Rashid is one of Triple Threats members and this is what he has to say about this company!!

“Why is Triple Thr3at my Top-Rated Rev Share?
1) Trusted Owners – Ray scott# and Troy Fobbs
2) Dedicated and Helpful FB Admin Team –Gerald Guerrero, Mike Uhrhan,Chance Eliot Nygren, Ivey McAllister, Sue MG, Norman Lihaven,Jay Griffin, and this ol’ dog. (OK, I may be a tad biased here – LOL)
3) The most successful program in overcoming the PayPal account freeze
5) 5 Month track record of solid growth
6) Over 16063+ Upgraded Members, now building by 1,000+ per week
7) More than $2 MILLION paid out to members
8) Simply amazing results ***”

My Opinion of Triple Threat?

In my opinion and after talking with other members of Triple Threat this seems to be a very good company to get involved with. I do believe you can make money with Triple Threat. Of course how much you make is entirely up to you and how much effort you put in to it. So I think I will jump in and start to make some money of  my own, why not join today for free?



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