Trustbitdeposit- Scam Alert

Trust Bit Deposit is another investment site that claims to pay an enormous amount of money on your investment. What I mean is that when a site claims to pay 800% after only one day all the the alarms go off for me. So I decided to do some checking and what I found is not what I would call favorable.

  • Name: Trust Bit Deposit
  • Website:
  • Days Online: 107
  • Findings: SCAM
  • Affiliate Program: Yes


The first thing I found was that the hyip monitors are claiming that Trust Bit Deposit is paying but that doesn’t click with other reviews I have read. In fact according to this site is nothing but a huge scam, They also claim they are not paying as the hyip monitors are claiming. I am inclined to believe this as well because of the amount of return on investment they claim to pay. That alone is enough for me to question any site that claims this time of ROI.


Can Trust Bit Deposit be trusted?

I could answer this with one word “NO”. This website has got “Ponzi Scheme” written all over it! The website is very new and the claims that are being can not be backed up with any credible data. There is also other RED FLAGS that are apparent.

  1. Unsustainable returns on investment is the first red flag. There really is no way that any company can sustain such high returns on investment and still be profitable. And if they were in the USA the FBI would be contacted and these people would be arrested for running a Ponzi Scheme.
  2. Trust Bit Deposit is very vague with their investment information and how they actually make their money.

What are the Hyip Monitors saying?

Even though most of the hyip monitors are saying that Trust Bit Deposit is paying, I have found that this website has not got a very favorable by other site like this who review scam sites. In my opinion hyip monitors don’t really mean anything because at the time of reporting they probably have been paid a small amount but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still a short lived Ponzi Scheme.


Is there a safe way to make money online?

In the last few weeks I have found that bitcoin has proven to be a good investment. Bitcoin is predicted to hit between $1000-$1400 per bitcoin in 2017. This is very safe investment and I would encourage anyone looking for a long term investment this is the way to go. You can also mine your own bitcoin with Genesis Mining and your will get profit almost every day directly into your bitcoin account for life. I also recommend that you use Coinbase to purchase your first bitcoin. Coinbase is very easy to use and is very secure. I have used them for over a year and never have had any security issues at all.

Are all Hyip programs the same?

It has been my experience that about 99.9% of Hyip programs are nothing more than illegal Ponzi Schemes and do fail within a very short period of time. There have been some that last for a few years and then finally become a scam and stop paying members and then just shutdown. If you are looking to make money fast online all I can say is Good Luck because as far as I can tell there isn’t much out there that makes much money very fast. Bitcoin investing is a very good way to invest money and not have to worry about getting scammed.