Udimi-How Does it Work?

Udimi is a site that I saw on a video by Dave C Prosser. I thought that it looked like something I would want to try. So I signed up and I found that this is something that anyone involved in internet marketing should take a look at. Udimi is a site that sends out email swipes to potential customers from lists that they have and they are ususally list of emails of people that have an interest in internet marketing. So Let me tell you about it in my review below.

Name: Udimi  

Website: udimi.com

Price: Free to sign up (deposits are required to buy solo ads)

Rating: to be decided

Owner: unknown


What is Udimi and How does it work?

Udimi is a site where you can hire people to send out targeted emails to lists they have and those emails will be directed to your website or landing page which ever you wish. You can choose from a whole host of “sellers” that’s what the people you hire are called. The cost can vary it depends on which seller you choose and how many clicks you order. You need to have a webpage or landing page in place and it really helps if you have an autoresponder so people can sign up and you can build your own email list.

udimi sellers

Can anyone join Udimi?

Yes anyone can join Udimi but make sure you have a product or website to promote. A landing page is also a good way to build your email lists. This is the main idea behind Udimi that is to help you build your email list for your own website or product.

What products does Udimi have?

Udimi itself has no products their product is the sellers that have joined to help you build your email lists or to promote your product. You can become a seller if you have relevant and valid email addresses you can use to promote other people’s websites or products.udimi-forum

How much do I need to deposit at Udimi?

The reason you need to deposit money in Udimi is because you will need to use that money to buy your solo ads with it. When you hire a seller you use the money that you have deposited into your account to pay the seller. You can deposit as little as $25 or as much as $500 or more.Udimi-sidebar I would recommend depositing about $100 at first then as you buy solos and your sales build up you can always top off your deposit at any time keeping a nice size balance on hand for more solo ads.

Can Udimi write email swipes for me?

First of all let me explain as best I can what an email swipe is. To put in simple terms it is an email ad that is kind of like a form letter. I know you have probably gotten them in your own inbox before, I know I have. Here is an example of an email swipe that I have for one product I promote:


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So to answer the question if Udimi has writers that can write email swipes the answer is yes, there are many writers on site that you can hire to write an email swipe for you and the cost is fairly cheap I think it can be around $2 for each swipe.

What I like about Udimi.

I like the fact that Udimi makes it simple to promote products, websites to help others build there leads and email lists. And you can join for free, The amount you do spend is completely up to you. No pressure from anyone to buy this or buy that. I also like that they have writers on the site that can help with writing email swipes as there are people like me who suck at writing any kind of advertising content.

What I don’t like about Udimi.

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that Udimi’s sellers can reject products that you are promoting and they can be pretty rude about it. I know its not much to bitch about but it’s all I got.

If you would like to join Udimi and I would recommend it to anyone click the link below and you will receive $5 off your first solo purchase.So what are waiting for start building your lists today!!