6 thoughts on “Udimi-How Does it Work?”

  • Anonymous

    UDIMI is a big SCAM

  • LOL @Jim for reply on @Anonymous.
    Great review, IMHO.

    I actually just used them last night for the first time and I am satisfied with the results.

  • steve

    Scam, I bought a solo ad, 300 clicks, all of them came from a botnet server.
    I asked for refund which was refused.
    I then had to go to paypal to get a claim which was seen in my favour. Udimi now send me emails saying I owe them $150.
    Avoid this site

  • admin

    Thanks for your info! This is good to know!

  • Mario Turner

    Steve I just recently joined udimi and I wanted to know is if this is official or just really a scam

  • admin

    From what I have heard its pretty much a waste of money.

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