Venture Alliance-Is it a Scam or Legit?

What is Venture Alliance?

Venture Alliance is a company that deals in venture investments. That means they deal with new companies every day and invest in those companies and you get to make a fair return on your investment as well. I am not sure if you call this a HYIP by definition as they do not claim to pay out huge returns in a short period of time. In fact the returns vary daily depending on how the market is going each day. But the return you get is for the life of your investment which means you can make money every day for life if you choose to do so.


Can anyone join Venture Alliance?

Anyone with a desire to make money online can join Venture Alliance. You need to use one of the accepted proccesors that the company uses. There are several to choose from. I personally use bitcoin but you can choose any other processor you wish.


How does the investment program work?

The program is very simple to use. First you must register your account with Venture Alliance and then you can make your deposit/investment anytime you wish. The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $10,000. All deposits are made in US dollars to simplify the process. You will also have access to the affiliate tools you need to promote the company. You need not make a deposit before promoting Venture Alliance. Once you have made your investment all payouts are made on a daily basis directly to the processor you have made your deposit with.

How does the referral program work?

There is basically two referral programs that you can get with Venture Alliance. The first program you get upon registration of your account and it pays 12% of the deposits made by your personally invited investors and 3% of the deposits made by investors on the second level.

The VIP program is a good program as well, it pays 20% of the deposits made by your personally invited investors and 3% of the deposits made by your second level investors. But the catch is you need to have a $500 deposit portfolio. I believe that means a total of $500 in your referral structure including your deposit.

 What are the monitors saying about Venture Alliance?

I have checked with different HYIP monitors and all say they are paying and it looks to me like they have a good reputation.  The image below is from and i get the same type of thing from other hyip monitors.


What are some of the pros of Venture Alliance?

  • Small deposit amount of $10
  • Good referral program
  • Daily Payments to you e-wallet
  • Nice looking website
  • Pretty good reputation.

What are the cons with Venture Alliance?

  • Address is listed in the UK, But I believe it is based in Russia.
  •  A little vague on how exactly they earn money, I think that Bitcoin mining has something to do with it.
  • Only been online since September 2015

My recommendation on Venture Alliance.

I cannot recommend this site at this time there are some problems that raise red flags for me. The biggest problem is that if a referral makes a deposit with a processor you can not use because of your location you lose that commission. For example I have a $6.00 commission waiting in Perfect Money but since I am in the USA I can not withdraw it. I really do not like that at all. I can not say it is scam but be careful with this one. Updated information has been received and I can now say that this is a SCAM!!