Wealthy Affiliate-My Testimonial

Last December I joined Wealthy Affiliate and found it was quite an experience. This is not a review of Wealthy Affiliate but rather a testimonial of my experience with them. I am not going to bash the owners or the members there, I just want to tell you what I experienced on while I was a member.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Type of Site: website building and affiliate training (mostly for self promoting)


Did Wealthy Affiliate help me get started?

I would have to say absolutely. This is a great site for people who know absolutely nothing about building websites or affiliate marketing. When I started with Wealthy Affiliate I had no clue what I was doing and I have to wealthy affiliate logoadmit the people on WA made it easy to get started teaching me the basics. But i soon figured out that I was ready to go after only about 2 weeks there was really nothing left on Wealthy Affiliate for me to learn, except the occasional tip from another member or maybe a live webinar that is provided to premium members.

Why did I leave Wealthy Affiliate?

Well as I stated in the above paragraph I realized that I was paying $47 a month for pretty much just chatting with other members on the site. Don’t get me wrong the people there are great and I did make a few friends while I was there. But I just couldn’t justify $47 a month to do something I can do for free on a lot of other sites on the internet.

I also got somewhat disappointed when I was told that I couldn’t use more than 5 plugins on my site because it would make site load slowly. Then I found out that the reason it loads slowly is because the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is fair at best. So I moved my sites to Hostgator and put in all the plugins I needed and lo and behold my site loads quickly and there is no lag.

That’s not all when a friend of mine was told to lower the traffic to his site because it was lagging the Wealthy Affiliate servers that’s when I knew that there was something wrong. And I came to the conclusion that all they wanted was my $47 a month so they can keep making money while holding back successful website owners so they didn’t become bigger than them.

When Kyle (one of Wealthy Affiliates founders) found out that I was a bit upset. He dropped me line stating he would give me my money back.wealthy affiliate owner I never replied but he sent me money back and I was given the boot from Wealthy Affiliate without me saying a word to anyone.

How have I done since leaving Wealthy Affiliate?

Believe it or not I have actually done better since I left Wealthy Affiliate I am actually making some money now through adhitz and other affiliate links. But I have to tell you that I did have some help and still do have help from The Choatic Company. Anthony is one my friends that I made while on Wealthy Affiliate and he too is doing much better since leaving. Wealthy Affiliate has tendency to hold people back from really making money online, and if you ever say anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate you stand a good chance of getting the boot like I did.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the $47 per month fee?

In my opinion I would say it is NOT worth the $47 a month fee. you can have your website up and running in a matter of days and you will have all the knowledge you need in about a week or 2. So why would you want to pay $47 a month just to chat with other members. I found out I can get the same help and training for free at chaoticscamreviews.com and when I say free I mean completely FREE courses. you will have hosting costs which is to be assumed any way.

So this is my testimonial about Wealthy Affiliate and what happened to me. I do think it is a good site to get a basic start in but then you should get out and go somewhere else that is free to learn and free support with no limits on your website or how much traffic you are allowed. Why not try Anthony’s Free Courses today. Click the button below to check them out. Thanks for reading this testimonial please feel free to leave any comments below.