What is Web Partners-Is it Legit or Just Another Scam?

web partners logo

I recently joined an affiliate program with Web Partners so I will hold off on calling it a scam or legit. I thought I would try it out and see what happens. At first glance it looks pretty good but only time will tell.

Name: Web Partners

Website: webpartners.co

Price: Free for affiliates

Owner: Unknown

Rating: To be Decided

Commission: Up to 35%

What kind of website is Web Partners?

Web Partners is a little known website that handles wagers made on sports, casinos, horse racing and etc. In other words they are a betting site for online gamblers. They are integrated with mybookie.ag which in reality is who you are promoting.

So you will be an affiliate of a bookie in laymens terms, which may not be a bad thing especially if they pay out like they say they do. It will be your job to attract gamblers to Web Partners and they will help them find the game or race or casino they want to play.

Mybookie.ag has over 50 horse tracks available for gamblers to place their bets with and they also have a worldwide following of gamblers.

How does the affiliate program work at Web Partners?

The affiliate program at Web Partners has a four tier level but don’t mistake that for a MLM scheme because it isn’t anything like that. What I mean is that a tier 1 affiliate makes 25% of total net gaming per calendar month up to $9,999.00. Teir 2 makes 27% from $10,000.00-$19,999.00 and so on. The graphic below will show you how this works and then you can do the math.

web partners earning tier

For Example: If your referral loses $9000 in a calendar month you would make $2025 for that month. Not too bad I would say. If in fact that this is not a scam that will be decide at a later date. The only thing is that the minimum payout is $500 and that make take a while to reach.

Does Web Partners have marketing tools affiliates can use?

Web Partners does have an extensive amount of banners and text links you can use anywhere you want to promote Web Partners. You even have the choice of what type of sport banner you want to use in your campaign, I must say that this is kind of impressive at how they have everything separated into the different sport that people like to bet on.

I have an example of one the banners that Web Partners offers. web partners banner

What kind of support does Web Partners have?

Web Partners has what appears to be a very good support system in place, this includes a FAQ page and a ticket submission system and even a phone number for you to call. The one thing you don’t see very often is that even the founding team members have their email addresses listed along with their phone numbers!

web partners teamWhat kind of money can I make with Web Partners? 

web partners unlimited

The amount of money a person can make with Web Partners is unlimited! It depends on how many referrals you get and how much money your referrals lose making bets. I know it sounds a little like making money off of another persons misfortune but the way I see it I am not forcing anyone to gamble they are making that decision on their own.

What I like about Web Partners.

The one thing I like about Web Partners is the commission set up, I think its fair and very good for any affiliate to make an amazing amount of money, again if this is real.

What I don’t like about Web Partners.

When I first got to the Web Partner website I noticed that it didn’t look like it was updated very often and that concerns me. Also the website loaded real slow at first not sure what that was all about.

My Verdict on Web Partners.

I am going to with hold any kind of findings until later. I am going to give this a try and see what happens, after all it is free so it’s not like I am losing any money. If you want to join me and try this out just click the button below and we can find out together if this is real or not.


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