115 thoughts on “Zarfund-Scam or Legit?”

  • Fantastic review about Zarfund, I have joined this program, looks to be a great opportunity.

  • Notty Ndhlovu


  • Team Invictus

    Great concept. Massive earning opportunities in Zharfund. I can actually see people responding positively and getting paid. I and my team is doing great and we promise for great support and continuous spillovers.
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  • Just Launch worldwide # ZARFUND # its amazing for everyone, start with only 0.03 BTC (18$ USD) and get paid up to 128 BTC! Join our Team now, we will help you get referral link:


    It is Team forced 2×5 structure, work with bitcoins only,
    Income Pay Plan :
    1 Level – 2 x 0.03 = 0.06 btc
    2 Level – 4 x 0.05 = 0.20 btc
    3 Level – 8 x 0.10 = 0.80 btc
    4 Level – 16 x 0.20 = 3.20 btc
    5 Level – 32 x 1.0 = 32 btc
    6 Level – 64 x 2.0 =128 btc

    one time fee of 0.03 BTC ($18 USD)

    Potential to earn about 64 BTC in just Phase I
    That is $42,000.
    $20 with the potential for $42,000!! It’s a no brainer.
    This is going to be HUGE.
    If you want to join team-build and secure your spot !

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  • Lindy

    Lets work as a team, Wealth is predictable

    You can contact for workshop in the Western Cape area this weekend.
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  • Kola

    Zarfund is rated 8 online guys.. Join my team we working stage 6 is the goal. Spill over is dripping
    Join us .. we dont leave our downline down

  • I need only 2 downlines and will definitely help my downlines to get there

  • David

    Nice post admin, you really explained it all. Kudos to you.

    To the new guys, Its a very nice program. My team is doing well. If you are yet to join, now is the right time. And make sure you join a hard working team like mine, so you can get referrals and spillovers. Email me here if you want to join my team kachikwudavid@gmail.com.

  • admin

    Thanks for the comment. I have already just some people to join my team.


    This is it away with DEBTS Thanks to the FOUNDER Mr JORDAAN and my sponsor PHETO

  • ★★★★★ HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT ★★★★★

    Here https://www.facebook.com/groups/megalaunch/ u will get updates to that MEGALAUNCH.

    In your interest invite your friends and business partners to this group to receive updates

    We expect 1000’s joinings in Asia alone. Hope you are READY FOR MASSIVE SPILLOVER

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    Viral Crypto needs 2048 people in your matrix to make 107 BTC
    Zarfund needs 4096 people in your matrix to make 165 BTC
    ???????(Mega Launch) needs ONLY 512 people to make 42.44 BTC

  • The ZarFund is the best opportunity on the planet right now which is enabling anyone from any part of the world to start building a financially strong future.

    Nothing can be more easier and more legitimate than ZarFund, hands down.

    You need only two people (which in most cases you automatically receive as spillovers from your up-net, and this is the real beauty of the system). And as soon as you get two people, the power of multiplication takes effect. And within in no time your net starts growing and every start climbing to upper levels and receive even big donations.

    Well don’t let these details feel you overwhelmed.

    The joining is totally free and then you will have 24 hours to upgrade to level 1 by donating 0.03 bitcoin which is equivalent to $17 to $18 (depending on the current bitcoin to dollar rate).

    This is your total investment in the system from your pocket, and you get it back 0.06 bitcoin back as soon as your two people join you and upgrade to their level 1 by giving 0.03 donation each. And guess what.. these 0.06 bitcoin comes to you directly.

    Here’s the link to see it by yourself http://tav.so/o8bQo

    Thanks for reading.


    P.S. If any one wants to ask me any questions, just reach out to me on Skype and I will not only guide you but coach you to see success.
    My Skype id is felix.cortig

  • Program is working beautifully for every one. Who ever has not referred a single person in his life are earning well in this program. This program is viral, never be too late, join ASAP and get the max benefits out of it.

  • Kennedy

    for those who want a very active team with constant spillover u can reach me on nnadoziekennedy@gmail.com

  • dbundus

    Good Review and if everybody would join this system, the whole world would be rich and I don’t see nothing wrong with that. if you see something wrong, then you should be the broke one + new people are born everyday so this system will always have new members. Join from here: https://www.zarfund.com/ref/3290d5f22d

  • Sandhya

    This is a very good online chain Business earning too good want to join in Hyderabad India call 8008982727 and make lot of money


    add me on facebook so that I add you to our group , you will have a very good assistance there to understand the website even more

  • Amit G.

    I used this site and it was working but only for one time after that point i was not able to get a profit/donation. I started to search for other options and now i use


    they use an exploit is the blockchain. You deposit on a cracked wallet, these bitcoin will get stuck in the blockchain, these bitcoin have no confirmation and are permanently on this wallet until they reach 1 confimation, before this happens the algorithm send these bitcoin multiple times to generate a profit.

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing Platform. Subscribed and the referrals is overflowing. Its an amazing opportunity to be where you want to be. Definitely oppose you to give it a try and find out for yourself. Click on the following link to start exploring the world of Peer to peer platform donations.


  • Ron

    It all Sound Great.

    I can not however understand that you do not classify this as a pyramid scheme.

    This is just another description for pyramid scheme. It is just a standard Matrix. The owner do not need to handle funds. The owner are already at the top. The owner do have access and do know who are the most active teams. Now the owner just keep opening more positions for himself in these active teams.

    Like any well advertised matrix program, a few million people will join within a couple Years. That is now where the problem come in. You then have 100ds of thousands of people stuck as no more people are interested in the program. The people who joined first have all made some very good income.

    The owner by then will be a multi millionaire. He is safe guarded by law as he did not actually managed any funds.

    The biggest concern I have regarding your review, is that once it was posted, you had all of the members of the program coming in to post reply’s.

    This is typical what happen with scam programs. Members make so called scam review pages and then seem to not find the company bad or being a scam.

    Is this program a scam? NO it is not, IT IS JUST ANOTHER PYRAMID SCHEME, so are all and any other program out there that involve some kind of matrix. I also find it HYSTERICAL that so called pyramid schemes are classified as wrong and scam.

    Everything in life are based on a pyramid scheme. Look around and you will see pyramid in all walk of life and NATURE. EVERY business out there is a pyramid scheme. Do the manager of macdonalds earn the same as the person washing the dishes? Of course he/she do earn more. The regional managers of macdonalds earn more that all people together in some branches. THAT IS A PYRAMID SCHEME THAT IS BASICALLY JUST CLASSIFIED AS LEGAL.

    So back to ZAR FUND it is a pyramid scheme, so join up fast and go for the ride over the next few Years. Then just go join the next new pyramid scheme before the bubble on this one burst.

    Like in any PYRAMID or any form of MATRIX try find out who are the most active team, then join with them. In any active team you basically only need one very good marketed to provide 100ds of spillover and Bob is your Uncle.

    Lastly, no scam review can be done on a new program, unless the owner has been involved with other scams previously

  • admin

    Pyramid schemes involve the admin handling any money Zarfund admins do not handle any money at all.

  • Ayo

    Zarfund is a wonderful scheme, i moved to Level 2 within 2 days.
    Its risk free and you money isnt in the hand of anyone so you have absolutely nothing to loose. The community is fast growing by the day.

    Take the leap, and join our team. https://www.zarfund.com/ref/69ec2017b9/register

  • onyeka

    can someone register with two different team but use one bitcoin wallet address?

  • Hi People, thanks for the helpful info. I have put together a online doc for people to understand how the ZARFUND works. Its really great I am also on it 12 days and getting paid. It heavily relies on people helping you to get onto the system. Support is there but somewhat overwhelming if you not to technical minded. I would much appreciate you sharing this documentation.


    Its a step by step manual on how to become a member.
    People are most welcome to contact me for help and use the doc once they are on the system.

    Warmest Regards

  • admin

    This is an excellent tool for anyone to use. I highly recommend everyone who is interested to check it out!!

  • Luis Silveira

    Zarfund is a fantastic and a brilliant idea of voluntary donation program.

    Join to my team today: http://bit.ly/2e71GZy

  • I joined this program in two weeks and my team is growing very fast. In my opinion, it is the best program I joined ever.

  • Ibrahim

    After reaching level 6 what next? Is there any plow of money, or it has reach a pull stop?

  • Babyangel

    This is an excellent tool for everyone to use. I advice u all to join because together we can achieve our goal. Join my team today, we are wonderful people and we will help u to get to the top.

  • shiraz

    I want to ref. plz


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  • This is the program of the moment by a very transparent admin. Everyone is joining from everywhere. Even people that cant recruit are getting massive spillover. Zarfund has gone viral. Just get your bitcoin account ready to make your $18 payment and start receiving payments from your downlines.

  • jayc

    please guys help me which site is safe to open btc wallet thanks

  • admin

    blockchain.info is the preferred one for zarfund. And it is very safe.

  • Paul

    Where can I pay for bitcoin in dollars? Can i purchase through coinsbank?
    Kindly explain the process to fund my blockchain wallet?

  • admin

    blockchain is the recommended source for bitcoin. Just open and account with blockchain.info like you did with conbase. There are more instructions on the website.

  • Paul

    You did not get my question. I have already registered with Blockchain.info but I don’t know how to fund it or where to fund to enable me donate bitcoin to my Sponsor.
    I want to use dollars to purchase my 0.03 bitcoin.
    Kindly respond. Thanks

  • jayc

    admin have register tru your link and have upgraded my account too…..my problem is i don’t know to get referrals please help me show me how to get referrals so that i can earn real money too…thanks

  • admin

    You need to ask your upline leader they can help you. I really dont do much of that.

  • Paul

    Hello Admin,
    I have registered through Coinsbase but It was displayed that buying bitcoin is not available in Nigeria.
    What is the way out? How can I fund my wallet using dollars?

  • admin

    contact support

  • joao arthur

    Anyone aware of any member who arrived at level 6? To whom I paid to get in level 6 as it is the last level?

  • Sido Kais

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  • Sido Kais

    join me to facebook:gotico kais i have the best strategy evryone win i swer that is real network system

  • Join our Zarfund team with free spillover team members
    Link in my nick

  • ametorglo

    wow, am looking forward to join

  • Beejay

    Yeah Zarfund is so real… For those of you interested we offer you the fastest of the fastest growing zarfund team, you would be assured of getting to your target of level 6 in two fortnight guaranteed.. WhatsApp me on this number if you interested to join our WhatsApp group and team 07060997588. Get freed from financial enslavement

  • ametorglo

    Do you have WhatsApp group ?

  • Felix


    Forget Whatsapp, join us in our Skype based group to benefit from our secret mastermind strategies to succeed in ZarFund in the shortest time possible.

    The group link is this: https://join.skype.com/OmXVhfswKAxR

    Let’s succeed together,


    P.S. My Skype ID: felix.cortig

    P.S.S. Please don’t forget to mention that you read my message on onlinescamguard.com when you send me an adding request. It enables me to accept your adding request quickly, and filter out all the other crap. Thanks.

  • Champion

    Zarfund is almost scam prof. It’s a wonderful platform where you can generate your capital . I am doing it . We have a formidable team where we work collectively to help one another grow. Feel free to contact me by calling or whatsapp me on 08033871307. I base in Port Harcourt , Nigeria. Use this opportunity to make it in life

  • ametorglo

    Do you have WhatsApp group please ?

  • Matty

    Join a fast growing nigerian zarfund teeam here. i joined less the 2 weeks ago and already i will be upgrading to level 3 soon, in this team we help each other grow. https://www.zarfund.com/ref/4cf103171d/register

  • ametorglo

    Do you have WhatsApp group ?

  • Hercules

    Chat me up for an opportunity to join a fast rising group …..Whatsapp me today on +2348059178282

  • doubra azimene

    With the help of my team Level 4 is sweet but
    am aiming level 5 by
    next week end zarfund is really a cool way of
    making cool cash..am
    doing a promo that no body has ever don before
    on zarfund that’s to
    show how level 4 is making me dancing in cool
    cash…i know many
    people want to join zarfund but they are thinking
    that the 20$/11,000
    is kinda big but don’t worry we are here to help
    this is for serious
    minded people only…this is the promo we are
    doing because when you
    grow we grow, just register through my link and
    upgrade with
    20$/11,000 and send me your details and i will
    send you half which is
    5,500 of the bitcoin to your wallet withen
    3hrs..yes i will send you
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    money with 10$/5,500 not
    20$/11,000 with my team…no time to talk much
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    forget to drop your testimony here after your
    transaction so that
    people will know am not joking
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  • In Only 7 weeks I have grown my network to Level 5 and Currently I am giving around 12 presentations to individuals every day! My Team members support me 100% all the way!

    Feel free to contact me on +27729314397 or: https://www.zarfund.com/ref/80bd8b1970

  • We are very happy with Zarfund, to the point that we have put a swing on thing, join with just 0.03 BTC and no need to introduce others should you not wish to, we will find them for you, all of us who want to as its to all our benefit. go to http://www.zarfundpro.com to find out more.

  • Nnamdi

    I joined Zarfund through “Doubra Azimene” very helpful and fantastic team and level up is very swift.

    Contact me i’ll give detailed explanation about how to create Bitcoin wallet and purchase Bitcoin by yourself.

    Whatsapp 07034429099
    Join register through my Zarfund: https://www.zarfund.com/ref/fb4619b8e4

  • Ok guys – this is the REAL DEAL here!
    To all of you zarFund disappointed members.
    Me and my team have joined to Mikey Robertson Top promoter that was able to get on his own with nothing but an organic free traffic 400!!! members to zarFund!
    This time he is gathering ALL top promoters and team leaders together and have created “zarFund Mega Team”.
    Together we all can make a good living with zarFund!

  • Chuks

    Do you want really fast growing Zarfund Team? Then look no further, join us here https://www.zarfund.com/ref/951d1f01cd/register where you can register and go to sleep without bothering about referrals.

  • Chuks

    Do you want really fast growing Zarfund Team? Then look no further, join us here https://www.zarfund.com/ref/951d1f01cd/register where you can register and go to sleep without bothering about referrals. Whatsapp on +2348116639293

  • justimagine

    by joining our team you are rest assured of getting your monthly income on any stage you find yourself cos with what we noticed lots join Zarfund but not all are active…but we screen participants before comin in to our team if you are not going to be active..then there is no reason for you to be in our team…all we seek is active and hardworkin teammates that way the situation is always a win win result. whatsapp on +2347086434242

  • justimagine

    Have you heard of Zarfund? if not then what century you live in.Zarfund is a P2P donation matrix program with huge

    potential to get 164 BTC per month..And the beauty of Zarfund is we earn in bitcoin.come on board By joining our team you

    are rest assured of getting your monthly income on any stage you find yourself cos with what we noticed lots join Zarfund

    but not all are active…but we screen participants before comin into our team if you are not going to be active..then

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  • doubra azimene

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  • Nero X

    They say a word is enough for the wise….that word is ZARFUND. I never knew it could be so easy to earn passive income. Its just like a stroll in the park. Just joined a team out of curiosity and in 1 week, I made level 3. THIS IS AMAZING. JOIN OUR TEAM AND YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

  • Wooow… I will like to know more about this and possibly join.
    Thanks for this information

  • admin

    Why would I spend more money? On that website it hard enough just getting people under to pay every month. I am quite sure I would end up losing money with that website.

  • Since August I am at ZarFund and I always earn money. Total Donations from mid-August to 29.11.2016: Ƀ14,855.37 !! This is proof enough that it works. https://goo.gl/FzL5FF

  • I started November 4, 2016. Now is December 1, 2016 I am at level 6 and have earned 8.166 Bitcoin. Want to learn how and join my team visit http://bit.ly/fastBTCmoney

  • ametorglo

    I will love to join your team but my problem is referrals.

  • admin

    I know the feeling. I have never received any money from level 3. Only levels 1 and 2. Getting referrals is easy getting them to make a donation is not.

  • ametorglo

    Can you please give you your email address to write to you ?

  • I joined this company it is really good. We are helping each other to achieve financial freedom.

  • Ekene Mbah

    After participating in several online money making scheme, I was forced to believe that Zarfund have proved to be the best.

    For you to be successful in zarfund however, you need a working and vibrant group to join. When you join a good team, you’ll be surprised how fast you will grow to level 6.

    Join our whatsapp group and partake in our daily seminar everyday by 8pm.

    Believe me, with this group, you will quickly get all your downliners without stress.

    Join the group now. https://chat.whatsapp.com/6mMoAFqfRlHEQBloy8CTQ1

    You can also send me whatsapp message on 08038331138 in case you need any assistance.

    After the seminar, you can register here https://www.zarfund.com/ref/0845b87f2c/register

    Meet you at the top!!!!!

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