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Here is a shortlist of the most popular scam schemes newbie traders should avoid.

The British company Access Capital Markets tells us about the most common fraud schemes, and according to Access Capital Markets scam can be prevented. To do this even the beginner should understand how the market works.

We chose a company that has been operating in the European market for almost twenty years. The main office of this broker is located in London, in the business City, in one of the skyscrapers, almost entirely given over to the offices of brokerage and insurance companies.

Experience in trading, as well as a large number of what is called User Success (experience of successful work with clients, of which the company has about 10 thousand). It lets experts to make their own conclusions and analytics.

Alas, the rise in scam is one of them.

According to experts at Access Capital Markets scam focuses primarily on novice traders. Dreaming of a lot of money is one of the main reason people start trading. But one should always remember that the stock market is a complicated system and even the best strategy should be build.

In other case some traders who cooperate with several companies at once are also are monitored by scammers.

Often the scam is based on a bright ads and stealing funds from foreign investors. So, how to protect yourself from scam?

Access Capital Markets scam preventing advices

Newbies getting scammed for two reasons:

They don’t know that broker should provide a lot of documents and information before asking for money and cooperation.

They want to get money as soon as possible. And they also are ready to pay for some weird stuff like «winning strategies»

First one: traders should know that in any case a good honest broker always provide all info about itself.

First of all, the legal address:

The broker must give all the opportunities for timely contact with him. Not only e-mail address but messengers and telephone numbers as well. Also the working hours of support teams should be provided. 

Before starting trading the verification of your identity is needed. Only after this according to the international law you can access global trading. All honest brokers must meet these standards.

All information according to the "broker-client" parties must be set out on the company's website. Future investors should have the possibilities to read them all before signing the contract. If some points of the agreement are unclear for you you must discuss them with your manager.

Another problem of beginners - they think they can get all money in the world at once. On Forex such cases are surprising coincidences that inspire many, but in reality they rarely happen. Most traders at first often lose investments partially or even completely. Only after some time, education and building their own strategies can bring them more confidence.

Company that immediately promises big wins and easy money is surely making fools out of its clients. Such approach is not honest and is unfair.

It is worth checking the broker before you deposit money.

According to Access Capital Markets scam can also deceive an experienced trader

What do those who have been trading for several days come across, and how to discern the fraud described by As a rule, the reason is simple - you want to make more money better and there is no experience of cooperation with more than one company.

Two points at which experienced traders fall into the network of scammers:

Good honest broker never promise you "big wins", but will recommend the trader at first moderate investments and actions. Such a broker will not rule out probable loses of a beginner at his first steps (and not only at first, the market is the market). Later some clients start to look for some «better» options. This is where danger can await them: we remind you that usually ads and slogans turn to be not completely truthful. Instead of a "more efficient broker", you can get to the fake office.

Our last point - some fake gurus are selling their magical Forex earning strategies. A lot of intermediary take money for their analytics and recommendations. But it is weird when broker or expert deal exclusively with seminars and sells strategies. There is a big risk that this is scam.

Please note that on a site like, scam is simply impossible: above we have posted copies of all the data provided to customers, and in the "Platform" section you can easily find a link to install the terminal on your personal computer, access to the web platform or a code to download the mobile application. Trader can communicate with support team and stay in touch with the broker.

Conclusions: any trader who seeks, first of all, to earn a lot at once, can become a victim of scammers. However, success awaits those who learn to understand the specifics of the market and follow the recommendations of honest professionals.


Comments (12)
Golden Lucas

When I got acquainted with new broker access capital markets, I carefully read the reviews and studied the conditions. Had a case, I was already burned by beautiful promises. Have got on scam and the kitchen. One day, at the very beginning, a whole month passed until I realized that the company did not enter the foreign market at all, but scrolls money on its servers. So here I was afraid of the same. But as it turned out in vain. In the seven months of trading, he has repeatedly withdrawn funds to the card. And all conditions are fully satisfied by the broker. Everything suits me on the basic tariff plan. I work with the MetaTrader 4 terminal. I trade from my home computer and on my phone, through native mobile app. It is very convenient not to become attached to any place. During this time I did not notice large slippings, and requotes happened only a few times.

Rogers Edward

The spreads of previous broker constantly flew out, especially when trading on the news. At first, it seemed uncritical, but then it began to strain. I asked for technical support to resolve the issue, but they only shrugged. It seems like it depends on the market and the level of volatility. Pretty excuse to cover their own unprofessionalism! Decided to pack up and leave. Well, I think I did the right thing, and on time. After a couple of days, I already received some good contacts, and an old acquaintance threw off a link to register for a friendly program with access capital markets broker. I decided to test everyone in turn. A couple of companies dismissed almost immediately, because of the brakes of the system. But with this access capital markets I still remain. The spreads are static, and the quotes are sane, everything corresponds to market indicators. Stable speed, stable connection, very well-thought analytics. Zero commissions, I have no complaints or suspicions of fraud, a very worthy technical support team. Respectful attitude to each client. I like it, I trade it myself and advise others.

Robbins Edward

I work with raw materials for a long time, my experience abound. I trust only proven companies and recommendations of experts. access capital markets Forex broker came with a very serious tip that I could not ignore. It became curious as to why the company, clearly founded by market experts, is sitting in quiet, inconspicuous positions. My impressions. Quick registration, accessible entrance threshold, easy start, debugged system with no bugs, crashes and falls. Decent speed, fast output, instant execution. A support is really competent in such trifles and market changes that not every experienced trader is able to track. It takes a long time to wait for the connection with the operator, there are not enough communication channels. It makes no sense to comment platform MT 4, has long been known and popular one. The site is almost empty. No advertising temptation, promotions, contests, tournaments. Here is hanging a list of questions and answers, some informational articles. A beginner will be bored) Undervalued broker, unfortunately. I continue to test.

Wilkins Paul

I have a very big request to the management of access capital markets. I read the reviews, I understand that I am not the first with such an opinion. The broker has four tariff packages with a large price spread. Starting costs 250 dollars, further cost 2,000, 10,000 and 50,000 dollars, respectively. There is a clear belief that there are not enough pair of tariffs between the first and second packages, and between the third and fourth. Seriously, I would open $ 500 tariff, for example, right after registration, so that in 4-6 months to go to the level, well, for 1500 bucks. While I have the opportunity to trade at the starting level and slowly save up the depot, but life makes you spend profit)) and, I have already mastered the base level, there is a feeling of lack of tools and financial opportunities. In an ideal world, of course, I am sitting on the latest tariff and have long earned on a villa near the sea. I hope management reads reviews and listens to their customers.

Manning Michael

4 months on the start package with the broker access capital markets. Trading is simple, interesting and affordable even for beginners. You can choose a trade item from a large list, for example, a broker offers about 50 key currency pairs. Fixed spreads do not crawl away for no reason, you can safely work even in strong fluctuations. There are no complaints about the technical side. Support works around the clock, repeatedly helped with good advice and recommendations. What is important, they do not be rude and do not lose one's temper. It would be nice to add online support chat to the site, because you need to wait 10 minutes on the line to connect with the manager. Still worth thinking about new ways to withdraw money. There is only one trading platform, but it is global, it seems to have everything for traders of different experience levels. There are all the tools for profitable scalping. My opinion it is a worthy reliable broker, there are just some other flaws. Hope, it will continue to develop.

Anthony Barrie

Before registering with access capital markets, I panicked a little. I was worried if my friend’s advice would be rash. Fears are gone in a month. Conditions remain the same as a year ago, when I came here. The site was a little updated, they introduced a personal manager and added round-the-clock mode. With regard to service and system performance, no changes, especially for the worse. The trading platform MetaTrader 4 is well regulated. Settings you can build any strategy, train bots, even smooth any slips. Apparently, the broker does not intend to add entertainment or training material to the site. Today, IMHO, this is one of the best brokers in the middle line. I work calmly and earn.

Parker Frank

Pleased with the work at the broker access capital markets. Terminal MT 4 is stable under any external influences, I trade without freezing and glitches of different nature. When registering, I downloaded a detailed manual from the manager and then set up the platform for my needs. MT has a native application for installation on mobile devices. The terms of trade fully satisfy me. There is no commission for input and output, static spreads, quotes are not overstated, everything corresponds to the market or even slightly lower. The good news is that account verification must be completed once before the first withdrawal. And you do not need documents for other financial transactions.

Freeman Joseph

When searching for a new broker, I paid attention to low spreads, profitable analytics and the availability of a basic threshold. To this, it would be desirable to add a stable system, competent support and high speed. Thus far, I have been trading with access capital markets for two months now. In general, the expectations were justified. I am pleased with the choice. The company has been working for three years, all the parts of this mechanism are lubricated with high-quality oil and move the broker forward. Yes, I consider the company promising. Starting package costs $ 250. Static spreads, quotes correspond to the market. Analytics is extended, and updated every day. Service, technical support, and most importantly as a result is a steady plus in the account. Everything makes me happy.

Francis John

Analytics is really cool. Broker satisfied, work comfortable. Conclusion - one desire - so that it was like that.

Greer Henry

The execution of the transactions is good, and the mobile version also does not hang - this is a plus!

Wood Harry

With the output here everything is fine, the speed of execution of applications for the output of money without problems and delays.

Dalton Robert

Displays and allowed to trade without any incomprehensible situations. No one bothers calls and constant spam as most of other companies. Very good analyst.

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