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Much often depends on how quickly the broker reacts to clients' requests - profit, the ability to conclude a deal, access to accounts and instruments. Poor quality service, respectively, can cause waste of money and time. On the Internet, you can find many complaints about certain companies that provide poor service, but it is extremely rare that all these reviews are summarized in reviews of the service of a particular broker. In our publications, we strive to give an adequate assessment of the work of financial companies. In this review, let's talk about Access Capital Markets from the UK - a broker with 20 years of experience. Do clients like working with this company? We searched for the answer to this question on the Internet upon request - Access Capital Markets reviews. We also reviewed several profile groups on social networks, trying to collect different responses.

Access Capital Markets review on the quality of communications with the company

Broker is the first advisor in financial investments. Whether the problem will be resolved in time and with benefit for the trader depends on the methods and quality of communication with him, on the speed of reaction. Most brokers indicate only an email address for communication on the site. In our opinion (and in the opinion of many clients) this is not enough.
Access Capital Markets has company details and several communication methods on the official website - each has its own purpose and advantages.
To contact this broker, you need:

There is also the usual way of mailing - to send a paper letter to the address of the company's office in the Broadgate Tower in the City, London. This method of communication is relevant when resolving controversial issues, when, for some reason, it is required to conduct actual correspondence (for example, in case of legal misunderstandings).

The company have all the communication methods available and actively respond by each of them

Eddie Sherwood, 34, Oxford (UK), entrepreneur:
“Yesterday I called Access Capital Markets for the first time. I saw in the feed that it was difficult for someone to contact the company the first time, but I succeeded. However, I did not call at the time of the session. Probably, the difficulties with dialing are connected with the heavy workload of managers. I called in the morning after the night session when I got access to the web platform. It turned out the problem was in my antivirus. The phone was answered immediately, the issue was resolved within 10 minutes. "
Most of the reviews related to the quality of communication with the company are positive. The fast response of the technical support service, active managers and responsive operators is noted.
You need to understand that communication often has to be done in English (especially over the phone).

Advice on tariff plans and verification from Access Capital Markets: reviews, pros and cons

All information about cooperation with the company can be found on the website
Six types of tariff plans are presented in the "Types of accounts" section. There are packages for newbies and premium investors here. Trading with leverage is available for five accounts, and all six tariff plans provide for the use of both fixed and floating spreads. VIP tariffs make it possible to work not only with an account manager, but also with a personal analyst. Daily market signals are sent to all clients in a mailing list.

All legal issues of cooperation are set out in the company's documentation, which is exposed to the public in the "Documents" section. It contains information about the rights and obligations of the client and the broker, describes the conditions for maintaining confidentiality, describes the risks in majority trading

Please also note that the company supports anti-fraudulent laws and therefore will require, in addition to registration to verify their identity. You can check the verification conditions with your account manager. But a typical procedure requires the provision of an electronic copy of a passport, a document confirming residence at a specific address (a utility bill is suitable), a photo.

Stephen Nesbit, 40, Birmingham (England), clothing store owner:
“Verification took me almost 5 days. This is the standard processing time, the company told me. Access Capital Markets has ratified the Know Your Customer Act and is required to screen all customers. In the future, I did not have any problems in cooperation with this company. We've been trading together for two years and five months. ”
Most of the reviews about the quality of consulting on the terms of work with the company and tariff plans confirm: managers respond quickly, controversial issues are resolved with maximum loyalty to customers.

Conclusions: the reviews leave the most positive impression on cooperation with the managers and technical service of Access Capital Markets. The company has a well-deserved reputation and service.

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Singleton Jayson

During 11 months of working with access capital markets, I have never had any conflicts with technical support or problems with the functionality of the system. Some small puzzles can be solved with the help of managers or removed by more efficient settings of the MetaTrader platform. The conditions are transparent, they have never changed over the entire period. For example, quotation marks are within specified limits. Spreads are static. The recommended deposit is three hundred dollars at a starting rate of $ 250. Money is returned very quickly. Judging by the reviews (well, I agree), the broker has only two problems that interfere with live)))) Firstly, there are no tournaments and various bonuses, for example, to replenish an account or for a holiday. And secondly, there are only two ways to contact support - phone and email. But it is simply unrealistic to go through quickly. In general, I'm comfortable here, staying further.

Hood Matthew

Ordinary mid-level broker. Does not own special magic, so there are pros and cons. All promises under the terms of trade fulfills. No fraud. The company was created by professionals, so the system is sharpened on a stable profit. There are no questions to the technical side at all, everything works like clockwork, the execution is instant. Even in a storm, nothing falls and does not close. The broker has four client packages. Not enough chat for communication with support, training material and choice of trading platforms. There are few ways to withdraw money. No insurance at the starting level. The site is updated very rarely. Spreads are low, static. Great scalping.

Arnold Brian

It is sad when you see a drop in brokers' quality of service after their popularity has come to them. Bragging immediately appears, the desire to change everything and arrogance in the voice of technical support managers. And then there will be overvalued quotes and price increases. I experienced two similar cases with brokers of varying degrees of publicity. As a result, I came to the generally unknown company access capital markets. Let's see how long is this broker after the glory coming. While I like everything. Good trading conditions, excellent speed, efficient analytics. The technical side is maximized. There was no loss of connection with the server. I immediately deposited three hundred dollars and took the base rate. There are all the tools for a profitable start. A good platform to start gaining momentum and build up a steady income. Zero I / O commission.

Stafford Michael

I like the broker access capital markets low fixed spreads and the level of services offered. Thanks to tech support, they helped out more than once and gave really working advice. Once closed in the lock and completely did not understand what to do next. I called the personal manager. He helped to sort out and exit with minimal losses. I quickly turned the minus into a plus, and for three months I have been working only for profit. I trade in the mid-term. Withdrawals are always quick and smooth.

Underwood Joseph

Sometimes I even regret that I am not such a big fan of scalping. access capital markets broker has all the tools for this + cool speed. Works on the fourth version of the MetaTrader platform. Requotes are rare, sometimes slippage can occur. Managers work honestly, there have never been refusals and transfers of transactions, and no one go discreetly behind my back in the account. Input / output takes from 20 minutes to one and a half hours. Deals open and close in a couple of seconds. There are no tournaments, competitions, and demo accounts and video training materials..

Bruce Leslie

I put a solid four to access capital markets. First, about the advantages of a broker. MetaTrader 4 trading platform, effective analytics, competent support, loyalty program for friends, choice of trading positions (50 key currency pairs, tested cryptocurrency, energy resources, precious metals, food, raw materials), 1: 300 leverage, static spreads, excellent execution, zero commissions, reliability and safety. I add to the disadvantages the absence of learning content and entertainment elements, the minimum set of financial instruments (I want more features), a limited list of contacts with technical support and a means of withdrawal of funds. While the quality of services and functionality are far outweighed.

Page Mark

From the very beginning it was simple and clear to work with access capital markets. Quick and understandable registration, easy replenishment procedure and automatic start of trading. If there is little experience, you can, and you probably need to call technical support. You immediately receive a personal manager. He talks about how to put the platform MetaTrader 4, answers all questions and tells about various nuances, analytics, commission, where to watch spreads, how to set up bots and about mandatory account verification before the first withdrawal of funds. A link to the detailed instructions is sent to the terminal, you can study and then call back with questions. I was recommended to replenish with three hundred dollars to open at the starting rate. In general, the broker proved himself professionally by all accounts. Communication is stable, there were slippage sometimes, and requotes are extremely rare. For three months now I have been sitting in profit, a couple of times I withdrew to the card. Quickly, without commission.

Mosley Christopher

I didn’t have experience with MetaTrader until I moved from SiTrader to access capital markets. Before registering, I consulted with technical support, and the consultants simply opened my eyes. It turns out that the logic of all terminals is similar. Of course, there are differences in the number of settings and design, but this is not a change from one concept to another. In addition, the support sends a link to download a detailed manual to the platform and tells where to download the mobile terminal application for gadgets. Even a complete noob like me will figure it out with such an instruction. If you master working with bots, then you can start working with a minimum of trading knowledge, and even get a profit))) Good speed, you can scalp, there have never been any system failures. Input / output without interest, very quickly and without hesitation. Static spreads, only four client packages.

Scott Joseph

I worked with FinancePro for some time, at first everything seemed normal, but then some strange failures kept me from scalping. I decided to change broker, they’re so many and I’m but one. ))) Now I work with the access capital markets account, not for a long time yet, just over a month, but the broker functioning seems to be more stable, I haven’t even met any disconnections here. As to spreads – I can tell only about euro involving cross, I don’t trade anything else, and it seems to be a bit below market. Spreads are static and don’t change. Other currencies and assets intervals are like at other companies. Orders execution time is from 2-3 to 5-6 second for closing. So no big troubles with scalping, requotes are rare. The broker’s disadvantage is only one terminal, MetaTrader. And income is not withdrawn at once, it takes 30-60 minutes, and in case of bank account even the whole day.

Atkinson Williamя

I came to access capital markets because my previous broker raised spreads fantastically, so it became almost unreal to profit over small transactions. access capital markets’s spreads are lower and static, so they won’t bounce. The company has draw-backs too – no demo account, so I had to start with the actual one, and no other terminals except for MetaTrader.

Rose John

access capital markets is a quite good broker, processes orders quickly, spreads are adequate, no requotes. But of course you should take some company’s and managers’ words with a grain of salt. For instance, the site states that money is withdrawn at once. In fact it takes from half an hour to a couple of days. Not a week like at other brokers’, but I felt nervous. By the way, there’s no fee. And money was deposited at once and also with no fee charge.

Grant Mark

I trade with access capital markets for two months, using my laptop with MetaTrader on Windows. The laptop is not new, but the application works fast, without deadlocks and, what’s the most important, with no server disconnections. Orders are processed quite quickly, sometimes there are hang ups at high volatility, when execution time grows to 4-5 seconds roughly. Withdrawal is also OK, especially in case of a card. With a bank account it’s longer, up to three days, but this is decent.

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