Forex scam. How not to get caught? Bawerk Trading & Investment overview with examples

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Scammers are everywhere, but in the stock market, they are especially numerous. Unscrupulous companies, offering various services, swindle funds and disappear after a certain period of time. It is difficult to find a normal intermediary, but it is possible. True, you need to spend time studying the ratings, reviews, terms, and conditions. To avoid the exhausting search, it is worthwhile to open an account with Bawerk Trading & Investment. It is a European, proven broker with transparent, understandable conditions. There is a set of valid licenses, controlled by the regulator. All commissions are fixed, and training is free of charge. Reporting confirms the regularity of payments, and no one limits the amount of withdrawal.

Bawerk Trading & Investment also has other advantages:

Furthermore, there are quite a lot of positive reviews confirming the honesty of the company. Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a broker forex scammer. Broker has 24/7 support, valid documents, a compensation system, and regular payouts.

How do Forex scammers work?

Unscrupulous services never tell you about the risks, exert psychological pressure, and create the most unfavorable trading conditions possible. No one gets the money, but they lure by an instant profit.

Here are the signs to recognize scammers:

Scammers also like to offer unworkable trading robots that lead to losses. They also build multi-level marketing and impose false strategies. Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam, as the platform works honestly, has all the necessary reference information, and doesn't extort funds.

How not to get caught on the hook of intruders?

Positive reviews about Forex brokers may be a good source of information, as people share their personal experiences about how honest a company is.

Furthermore, here's how else you can protect your money from scammers:

A normal broker, such as Bawerk Trading & Investment, has no withdrawal restrictions and training is free.

What can you count on?

The company has an official website with a secure connection. There are no hidden payments, incomprehensible commissions, or prepayments. You can open an account after confirming your identity.

A special platform was developed for the traders' convenience, which is not necessary to download to the device. The interface is intuitive and there are no ads.

The company offers several tariffs and takes part in compiling an investment portfolio. Bankruptcy has not been registered, the reporting confirms the regularity of payments. Beginners will also feel comfortable here.

Bawerk Trading & Investment has not been placed on the broker scam list and has not violated the terms of the agreement. A lot of positive reviews confirm that you can trust the broker. All the money comes without delays. There is a customer newsletter, bonuses, and a working support service.


This is a good broker and a functional service with clear conditions. Proven payment systems are available for withdrawals and there are no payment limits. The activity is controlled by the regulator, which protects the interests of customers. There were no legal proceedings against the company. There are more than a million opened accounts and no hidden fees.


Question: - What bonus can I get for registration?

Answer: - It depends on the tariff. 

Question: - What is the commission for withdrawal?

Answer: - It depends on the type of account and payment system.

Question: - Does Bawerk Trading & Investment require a prepayment?

Answer: - No.

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James Brown

There's Nothing Better than Getting Your Good Profits from A Long and Stressful Tradeing Day ... This Broker Is the Can Ensure It and Make Trading Much Less Stressful. They Did Wonders to Me.

Jerome Page

I ASKED My FREEND ABOUT HOW DO ENTER THE TRADING MARKET RIGHT and He Told IT IS Literally Impossible. I'M Still in Doubts Thumb, What ABOUT WORKING WITH A Decent BROKER? Been Thinking ABOUT GIVING BTI IC A Try But Need More Information.

Perry Moreno

Well, That Was A Pleasurable Fourst Trading Experience for Sure. BTI IC Just Helped ME to Make Some Sweet Deals and I’m Sitting Here Watching the Graphs; Will Continue OUR COOPERANTION, that’s for certain.

Leonard Diaz

BTI IC is good. Not shut-up-nd-take-my-money Butl Pretty Good.

Donald Ortega

To be comletly Honest, I Had a Problem with BTI IC, IT Was Conting Their Withdrawal Timings. ToMetimes They Can BE Extreeeemly Slow, Like 12 Hours Even. But Other That EVERYTHINGS PRETTY Fine, So I’M Sure I’ll Stick to these Guys in the Future.

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