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Today, the number of tools for trading on Forex is growing every day and no one is surprised at the possibility of copying transactions of the most successful traders through certain programs. Since the advent of these services are very popular, especially among novice traders.

In the case of the transaction copying service, the trader can carefully study the chosen strategy even before joining it. It is worth paying attention to such indicators as the number of profitable and unprofitable speculations, their duration, the maximum drawdown figures and the trading instruments used. Having analyzed all these points from several brokers, you can make a choice in favor of the most profitable proposal.

The use of the transaction copying service does not deprive the trader of the right to parallel trade and regulation of already open transactions. You can simply close the deal yourself, which you think is obviously a failure. But do it only as a last resort, because the leading trader certainly has its own unique strategy, which you can misunderstand. However, you can not start your account by yourself. You should constantly monitor the changes in the Forex market and at the right time, perhaps it is worth picking up your investment and contacting another leading trader, or refuse altogether about this service if you lose a lot of money here.


The exclusion of the emotional component during the use of such a service is very beneficial for the results of traders who are far from psychological stability. Moreover, it is not necessary to include the terminal at the time of the potential transaction.


Since the leading trader is not responsible for the trader trader, he does not care about the features of his account. For example, its supposedly small (relatively, of course) drawdown can simply reset the client account.


If you do not have full confidence in the chosen trader whose deal you intend to copy, then it's better to pay attention to such a tool as pamm-accounts, which are considered more reliable, albeit high-risk ones.

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