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Forex is just one of the financial markets and has all the qualities of an industry. Profits here are directly proportional to risk, nuance and accuracy are very important and the cost of error is high. Together with Empire Swiss experts, we'll explore how crooks prey on and deceive newcomers.

Forex pyramids and MLM

An ancient venerable scheme known in the English-speaking world as the "Ponzi scheme". It was born a long time before the Forex market, and swindlers use currency trading as a pretext. Victims are promised a guaranteed high income and cheated out of their money by any means. At first the "depositors" are paid an income, which appears from attracting more and more new victims.

Empire Swiss comments: a pyramid scheme can only theoretically be a working scheme. But in 99.9% of cases it will be crooks who will steal from you at the most unexpected moment. If you see the signs of a pyramid scheme, walk away.

Forex Mutual Funds (PAMM)

You are offered to invest in a certain fund operated by supertraders who can provide you with high returns with almost zero risk? Congratulations - you've found the crooks again.

Empire Swiss comments: As in the previous case, the word Forex is used here as bait. In the nineteenth century, such con men would have offered to buy Panama Canal stocks. Nowadays, pure finance is more popular. As we noted above - the profit is directly proportional to the risk. Not just in Forex, but everywhere. That's why those who have low-risk businesses are able to borrow from banks at the most moderate rates.

Manipulations with Bid/Ask spreads

Disguised as a real Forex broker, the scammer on his trading platform puts such spreads on currency pairs, which negate the potential profit of the trader. In addition, the trader has to pay another commission, which aggravates his situation.

Empire Swiss comments: The spread cannot be too large. Financial authorities of many countries regulate this question and watch the legal participants of the market. But there are a lot of Forex brokers all over the world, so there is a chance to run into such "colleagues.


Scam artists offer "precise information" for a small or large fee about where the market will soon turn. Especially talented ones manage to keep the victims believing in their effectiveness for quite a long time, until they gain their trust and "rip off" them for a large sum of money.

Empire Swiss comments: Currency markets are very volatile and difficult to predict, but it cannot be said that they are completely unpredictable. Currency rates are influenced by many fundamental factors, which can be tracked and taken into account. This makes it possible to demonstrate the correctness of such "signals". We recommend you to avoid offers to buy "signals" together with the work at a particular trading platform.

Trading bot scam

It is possible to trade "manually", but the good thing about electronic trading is that it can be automated. Experienced traders use bots that perform operations according to preset schemes. With this kind of talk, scammers can sneak up on you, selling bots that don't work.

Empire Swiss comments: The arguments of the cheaters are absolutely fair - the machine will more reliably execute your trading strategy. But the bot may not work correctly. It can be inefficient. Or it can trade to your detriment and for the benefit of criminals. We recommend developing bots yourself or entrusting this work only to the most trusted and proven people.

Failure to return money

Your broker gives normal conditions. His quotes are average for the market (you checked). Trading is going well. Somewhere you earn, somewhere you lose. But at a certain point you cannot withdraw money from the deposit. Something is not working. You write to the support service, they begin to feed you with breakfasts. And then they stop answering altogether. And even block access to the "trading system".

Empire Swiss comments: Such crooks, as a rule, work without a license. Or with the license of some distant state, so that it is not clear where to run with the complaint. We strongly recommend not to cooperate with brokers that exist only on the Internet.


Scammers use schemes that are as old as the world. If you decide to engage in stock trading in any form - Forex, stock trading, indices, cryptocurrencies, whatever - study the experience of your ancestors. And always check those with whom you are going to deal.

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Pierce Christopher

Hello. My name is Yuri. Recently I got a job in the company Empire swiss trader. At first, I did not understand everything very well. Bad transactions happened. And he became bankrupt. But in this company there were good people. They helped me to digest with this position. They explained how to do this and my career began to rise. Many thanks to this company for such mutual understanding and kindness. Keep it up!!!

Harvey Paul

C Empire swiss I have been cooperating for 5 years. Like many beginners made a big mistake: he began to trade without knowing anything. There were bankrupt several times. I decided to undergo training with competent specialists. I did not regret a minute. Of course, in addition to everything I read a lot of information on the Internet, I watched training videos, etc. The main thing is not to rush, cold calculation, exclude all emotions, work carefully strategy, sober thoughts and then you will succeed. If you started to undergo training and it seems that all this is pointless, then do not rush to throw. Be patient and everything will work out. Now, with the right approach, I began to earn very good amounts.

Clarke Christopher

I knew about Empire swiss for a long time, but only a year and a half ago began to think about trying my hand in this matter. At first nothing came of anything at all. Draised all the deposits. I began to read and study this issue more and realized that Forex is not a game, it is a hard work that requires decent experience, knowledge. You need to be able to analyze, quickly respond to market movement, be able to anticipate its reaction. It is very difficult. To be a win, you need to collect and analyze information, communicate with the same traders as I am aware of all new products. Empire swiss does its work at a high level, the company has many years of experience and a proven reputation.

Wood George

I can not agree with the negative review, written a little earlier. For a couple of years of work with Empire swiss I had to contact the technical support service several times. Each time they answered me specifically on the question and helped solve a particular question that I had. There were never problems with profit, and earnings are displayed quickly enough.

Lane Toby

In general, I like to work with Empire swiss. Of course, I do not trade here, but I managed to fold my opinion. As soon as she came here, it was scary that I did not know anything. However, on Empire swiss excellent conditions for both theoretical and practical training of beginners, which helps to get used to it. The company pays everything honestly and with small commissions.

Phillip Riley

Clients most often note the three partnerships of the Empire Swiss broker. Two of them offer the trader to receive an additional one at the account of 100% of the funds (which allows you to use capital exceeding the original by half), immediately or with phased crediting (the affiliate program that allows the client to get an additional 100% funds after processing the previous lot ). Many newcomers choose a broker according to the terms of the loyalty program, which is not surprising, since this is also a good way to increase income and get many times more profit for one deal. For a beginner, this is especially important, because most of them have not very large amounts. And also the trader can insure his account with the guaranteed payment of the entire amount in the event of a loss transaction by using the account of account insurance by the loyal program. Still, confidence in the broker is more important than ever. And the Broker Empire Swiss makes it clear that it will be the first to be the first in the investment market for a long time.

William Cole

Empire Swiss broker has never arisen problems with response to a request for a trader. And most importantly, you can contact the support service at absolutely any time of the day. The level of organization of the technical support service often affects how convenient it is to interact with the broker to the trader. For example, there may be difficulties with verification when withdrawing funds, or a broker wants to find out how safer and it is better to transfer funds. Questions may concern the held commissions or exchange rate of currencies, since sometimes they do not coincide with the currency of the deposit. Suppose you see the most successful moment for a large rate, but your deposit account is not enough, so you need to replenish it as soon as possible. And now imagine the situation that your broker needs from two to five days to replenish the score. And this only means that you cannot bet and a profitable investment. Empire Swiss showed the care of clients, therefore, the minimum amount of funds is required to enroll and withdraw funds.

Fred Anderson

The broker's account was opened by the broker of Empire Swiss literally 2 months ago. I managed to undergo free training on the site, constantly read the section with news and communicate in a chat with more professional investors (I need additional information at the initial stage of development and gaining experience). The application is convenient, I do everything through it. Modernly, useful and a lot of useful functions and opportunities, though I have not yet fully figured out what and how. But I think to figure it out and set up on your hand. I bought myself for testing, already received a small profit. I will gradually increase the momentum, with experience I understand what and how. So far, the financial assistant from the broker helps me with the choice of strategy and assets. The service is free, so it’s a sin not to use. I chose a suitable tariff. For a beginner, he is perfect. You pay only 0.1% of the amount of the transaction, but by the end of the year the commission does not apply for the purchase - such a promotion provoking on profitable purchases. So we go further with Forex broker Empire Swiss.

Neil Carter

I have been working with Empire Swiss not so long ago, in parallel, there is still an open account of another broker. Then he opened on the recommendation of a friend, by his referral link. He told me the terms of the bonuses and offered to receive them, so I registered here. When opening an account, I received a 100% bonus to the account. I often trade with bonuses in general, so I came here for him. It is important for me to work them out and get it to my account. I then have no doubt in the conclusion, since the acquaintance has already been working with Empire Swiss for a long time and has been withdrawn more than once. In general, by the first impression, the company is still pleasing, I hope this will happen further and without any problems. A distinctive feature of all newcomers is large ambitions (which is good) and the fear of losing money (which is also understandable). Yes, many at the beginning of the way, due to the lack of experience, to be afraid to lose money, which is slightly constrained by their determination. It is much more calm to conclude transactions when there is a guarantee of insurance from failure and the ability to save money. So I advise you to use this service from the broker.

John Rhodes

My analyst is a professional trader who is absolutely not interested in my personal life. It is amazing and unusual to work with a person who has a purely professional interest, who simply fulfills his function, as was promised by the manager initially - gives you trading recommendations. And I don't need more. Like you do not need what they did in other companies when I did not want to invest. The trader, of course, gives recommendations, sometimes offers transactions designed for more serious capital than I have. Sometimes I invest larger, but more often I ignore such proposals. Everything happens on the basis of my desire and without violence. Thanks to Empire Swiss for this. For a year and three months there was never a feeling that Empire Swiss broker scammers. Everything is smooth and absolutely mutually beneficial. It suits me. As the profitability is satisfied - about 8.5% of net profit per quarter. Quietly, calmly and without unnecessary hassle. Empire Swiss is simultaneously similar to everyone else, but, nevertheless, is completely different.

Tracy Arnold

I have been working with Forex broker Empire Swiss for 6 years. I am improving, participating in brokers' competitions. Unfortunately, they stopped most of the competitions since 2020. I am very pleased with the broker, because they always do everything possible to help. Never create a problem. The withdrawal of money takes almost a minute. You just have to keep in mind that withdrawing money from a trading account with an open transaction should be approved by a person. If you have an open transaction, it can take up to 48 hours, especially if you do it on weekends. I find their commission high, but probably this is a fee for good service. I just never had problems with Empire Swiss, Swiss efficiency! I use a platform that is reliable and constantly improved. When I have a technical question, I get a well -thought -out answer ... The only problem is to open an account first of all, expect me to create a dossier with detailed information, but even this encourages. They are not intended for accounts of 500 euros, but if you trade for 10,000 euros, it is definitely recommended.

William Smith

Empire Swisss safe and reliable trading platform includes, in my opinion, everything that is necessary for a typical retail trader for successful trade. Market orders and many variations of conditional orders that allow you to act as an internal liquidity supplier and receive more favorable prices. A comprehensive and customizable package of graphs, which is supplied with many indicators, some very useful plugins to control orders and even scanner of pricing patterns. If you are a little familiar with Java, you can start creating everything you can imagine using simple and well documented, or seek help from one of the external programmers. New functions are added to the platform on a regular basis - just follow the section "What is new?" innings. Your automated strategies can be deployed on their servers, closer to the market and to save electricity. I would even say that the platform should cover most professionals, unless you want to create markets directly on interbank platforms. Their professional and friendly staff will help you answer your questions and solve your problems quickly and with respect.

Albert Hardy

Always, without exception, a quick and immediate withdrawal of funds from the broker Empire Swiss, from 1 to 20,000 euros. Sometimes the money was in my bank account on the same day. I never experienced slipping in my transactions. I use their platform, and, my God, this is one smooth, well-structured platform, which also allows the use of trailing stop on the server. You automatically have several commissions if you start with medium or something like that and sell it moderately, you will be automatically moved to the next group-pay less commission for the deal. When I paid funds, they asked me about the origin of my funds and constantly asked every time I added more money to my account. They are obliged to monitor the traders so that they do not engage in trading debt obligations and do not put all their personal condition into the account. As a rule, this is really great, it shows great respect for the law, severity and an attempt to protect you from yourself, since many people lose their accounts. In conclusion, a really great broker. I really liked their services, and they were completely reliable. If you do not plan to put anything on the Empire Swiss beyond what you have in your pocket, then this is the best broker.

Joshua Hill

I have never had complaints about the performance of the platform as a hand trader. I think that the execution of Empire Swiss transactions is first -class because I get very decent entrances and outputs even with high volatility. Their agent is also quite punctual in answers to emails. It was three years ago. Now I see some difficulties with the broker customer support service, and this is true, since I still trade with them. I was waiting for a certain time before I received an answer from my agent (which, I must say, was very polite). I don't think the problem is in agents. My assumption is more like a change of leadership (or in their politics), which laid the foundation for a descending trend in customer support. Probably too few employees or they are not paid enough. The company pleases with its service and attitude to customers. I also note that here the system works almost without problems, there are small sags, but this does not particularly affect work. I would very much like this review to be useful to someone, since I myself have been looking for a good broker for a very long time and understand how it happens.

Franklin Colon

For the past couple of years, I have been using Empire Swiss. The experience is small, notice, but so far I can not note serious shortcomings. It was easy to open an account, even given a somewhat tedious identification process. But again, you get an account and not just an account, but a guarantee and reliable, so that the efforts are worth it. I have not yet withdrawn money from a trading account, so I can’t comment on this side of things. I like a broker, it is visually pleasant and intuitive to use. In any case, the journal of activity could be better. Otherwise, he provides you with everything you need. It is important for me that you can have hedged, i.e. have a short and long position on the same tool at the same time. In addition, he stores the records separately (some brokers tend to averaging them and considering them as a whole). The education section is the key to good transactions and this broker is interested in the help of beginners. There is a lot of free information on how to find dozens of templates on tools. There are no complaints about the broker.

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