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Traders from all over the world choose Forex. You can trade around the clock from anywhere in the world, just get verified through a brokerage company.

General Brand broker review

Forex is a global computerised trading system, with the movement of large volumes of currencies. It has been in existence for about 40 years. It is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily turnover of $5 trillion or more (times more than any stock exchange).

Empire Swiss acts as an intermediary between trader and Forex. It uses modern software and offers investment services for trading. Training material is available.

It uses external auditors to improve its operational and internal procedures. The platform offers flexible and transparent trading conditions and the deposit can be opened in most national currencies, which are converted on deposit. More than 1,000 satisfied clients. There are daily analyst reviews and trading ideas. Quotes are streamed online, in real time.

A brief Brand review of Empire Swiss makes it clear that successful trades can be made using the platform. There are ample tools for trading. There is customer support and forex market analysis.

Pros and cons of Empire Swiss

One of the company's priorities can be seen as enabling clients to make informed and considered decisions. There are educational programmes aimed at gaining new knowledge and skills. Also, there are demonstrations of the benefits traders receive when working with the forex platform.


Empire Swisshas a large number of tools, operates around the clock and has state-of-the-art software. Other advantages include:

 Empire Swiss has an official website and analytical tools.


The company also has disadvantages:

However, Empire Swiss carries out more than a million trades a day.

Empire Swiss broker account rating

Empire Swiss Forex has different types of accounts for investors and traders. Plus, you can always open a free version.

For brokers:

Account type

Terms and conditions

Zero (easy start account, no commission)

The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.01.

Mini (universal account to test the company's trading conditions)

The minimum deposit amount is 500 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.01. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Simple (suitable for starting a career as a trader)

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Silver (account for confident and comfortable trading)

Minimum deposit amount 10000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 9 dollars.

Gold (for those who want to increase their profits)

The minimum deposit amount is 25000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 8 dollars.

Platinum (for those who want to get the most out of it)

The minimum deposit amount is 100,000 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $0.

For investors, the starting deposit starts from $100/€100.

Official Empire Swiss website

Empire Swiss Forex is an easy-to-use trading service. Everything is clear and simple, plus there is a responsive support service.

The site has a nice interface. All information is categorically divided. There are no intrusive, annoying ads, so nothing will distract from the process. Registration is also intuitive. Plus, there's an instruction guide and all active buttons are highlighted in a different colour. Empire Swiss Forex has over 120 financial instruments for successful trading. On the website you can find:

Here you can trade without third-party platforms (terminals), which makes the platform quite functional. Plus, there are trading signals.

How to open an account with Empire Swiss 

Here's what you need to do to get started:

Account registration may take some time.

Empire Swiss review 2022 

The Empire Swiss forex trading platform is functional and user-friendly. Everything is intuitive, plus there is training and working financial tools. The Empire Swiss review allows you to get to know the company better. Buttons to buy/sell and contact support are at the top. There you can also find the control and registration panel.

Analytical tools

The Empire Swiss broker platform has an economic news calendar, Forex point calculator and pivot points. It has technical and fundamental analysis. There is also a blog, a section with analytics and forecasts from experts, and market statistics. The service is rapidly developing. One of the main advantages can be considered a low commission.

Deals are carried out in real time. There are buttons "stop loss" and "take profit".


Empire Swiss uses state-of-the-art software. The service has a wide variety of financial instruments. It is suitable for forex trading. There is educational material and the company website is quite simple and straightforward.


Question: What type of account would be suitable for a trader with half a year of trading experience?

Answer: For such type of traders X and Y accounts (the two easiest) will be suitable.

Question: Does Brand name have preferential commissions?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does Brand Name provide any training?

Answer: Yes. The Broker allows different categories of traders to improve their knowledge both to beginners and to advanced traders with more than one year trading experience.

Question: Does the brand name provide investment courses for beginners?

Answer: Yes.

Comments (15)
Peters Cody

Gentlemen, printers! Could you deign and confirm your words with significant arguments? I understand that Empire swiss is not an ideal, but to sculpt from it, it is also not a thing. Here, comrade alone writes about a fantastic spread at 22 points! Well, where is the elementary screen? Just a fable. Another writes that he has a drawdown. Soldering, yes! Indeed, why did this forex club in its direction did not move the whole market? Stupid things and shaved. Not seriously.

Stephens Richard

So in order. Much was written correctly. Orders are performed with slippers. Slipping an integral part of the market, you need to get used to. Beginners complain of kitchen and at the same time complain about slipping. This does not happen, the real market is slippery. The only thing I would like to wish Empire swiss - so that the orders glide not only in the minus, but also in a plus. This is possible on limiters. The profit and other pampers in Empire swiss were calculated by decent amounts. It also happened 50k dollars per month, but they did not ask to close the account, this is nonsense. On the contrary, the manager calls, is interested in why I do not trade if I do a break. So I can say from myself that the company is quite worthy, there is no need to drive a wave. :) And beginners, they are newcomers in Africa. All of them does not work out and with every failure presses paranoia.

Patrick David

I wrote here recently, but I repeat: with Empire swiss I have long, since 2005, and there is no reason to doubt the reliability of the company. Especially with the withdrawal of funds. I don't understand the abuse. I would generally forbid writing reviews to those who have less than a year or two. Because most of these reviews are based on ignorance and misunderstanding of beginners.

Kelly Ethelbert

I have long been with Empire swiss, since 2015, when they still had a Rumus, but there was no metatrader. What can I say? For many years I was convinced that the company is reliable. The two most important points: 1) they will not “interfere” with your trade in left quotes, and the orders will be performed for sure; 2) They pay, there are no problems and delays with this (only for the first time it will be longer, you will need to confirm the personality, but then easily and quickly). Of course, nothing ideal in the world happens, and brokers too: some small linings sometimes happen, but they are one-time. I put Empire swiss five with a pure soul

Carroll Everett

I found out about the company Empire swiss in my student years from the guys from the stream. They rejoiced that you could get up well on this, but then, like many who write the negative here, they were disappointed ... The money burned out ... they framed ... they didn’t justify hopes ... blah ... so, they were still boys ... they wanted a dough for a dough for a dough for a dough. -The can cut down, without delving into all the subtleties. But in life it doesn’t happen ... I will have to work ... The main thing would be the desire and responsible approach to business, and there you will be explained and help you. I personally suits me and I am satisfied with the income.

Robert Stanley

The level of organization of the technical support service often affects how convenient it is to interact with the broker to the trader. For example, there may be difficulties with verification when withdrawing funds, or a broker wants to find out how safer and it is better to transfer funds. Questions may concern the held commissions or exchange rate of currencies, since sometimes they do not coincide with the currency of the deposit. Empire Swiss broker has never arisen problems with response to a request for a trader. And most importantly, you can contact the support service at absolutely any time of the day. Suppose you see the most successful moment for a large rate, but your deposit account is not enough, so you need to replenish it as soon as possible. And now imagine the situation that your broker needs from two to five days to replenish the score. And this only means that you cannot bet and a profitable investment. Empire Swiss showed the care of clients, therefore, the minimum amount of funds is required to enroll and withdraw funds.

Tyler Gonzalez

Going to the exchange, every trader wants to get maximum protection, both his interests and his money. Therefore, the first and mandatory step is the signing of a bilateral contract for the provision of brokerage services. It is very convenient that the Empire Swiss broker at the request of the client can provide an example of the contract in order to read everything carefully and clarify the questions of interest in advance. Information in the contract is clearly presented in essence: it indicates the basic terms and definitions, rights and obligations of the parties, the procedure for making transactions, payment of the services of a broker, confidentiality and personal data. So my cooperation with the Roster Company began with the signing of the contract, in which everything was spelled out in detail both about cooperation and information about transactions. Even before the moment the broker receives a request from the client for the purchase or sale of certain securities, the Empire Swiss should provide complete information about their prices, financial instruments, as well as about the size of the reward for services.

Alfred Evans

One of the advantages that the company’s client receives is the opportunity to enter the stock markets through a new generation trading platform, which provides maximum convenience of use and simplifies your work. And for this it will be needed only a few minutes to register with the broker: enter personal data (without it), create a password, and give consent to data processing. Now imagine the application in which all the achievements of the trader turn into real money. Now imagine that you can make transactions not only before the computer, but also on the road or vacation just from your smartphone. Empire Swiss broker customers do not just represent this, but actively use this opportunity. The application can be downloaded on the official website of the broker and then it is easy to install it and even easier to set it up for yourself, for comfortable work. This can be done both through a computer and through a smartphone, because the platform is equally well suited for different types of devices.

Mark Briggs

For a long time I was looking for whom to establish cooperation and make a profit without unnecessary problems. I accidentally hit the broker Empire Swiss, studied reviews, contacted the guys, discussed with them all the risks and privileges of the company compared to other similar brokers and now I successfully cooperate with the broker and get my profit for risks. So far without curios. It is better to spend more time searching for a reliable broker than to rush into the trading with the first company that was given out by the search engine. That is what happened to me, apparently, went against stereotypes and proved that everyone could comprehend the trading with a good broker. In this case, I came to the rescue of Empire Swiss reviews, which are quite a lot on thematic forums. As you can see, communication with the company's partners in telephone was a convincing argument. By the way, not every broker provides such a service. The quick withdrawal of funds, as always, is a significant advantage for traders. So, somehow I met or met a fresh broker.

Hector Johnson

A good broker is half the success in the exchange markets, so the search for a financial partner needs to pay as much attention as the development of a strategy. As I did, leaving about Empire Swiss review. In order for the exchange life to be long and happy, the broker must have a good reputation, which does not cause questions and a long story. Run away from young companies that there is not a word on the Internet. Experience is an important indicator of the reliability of the broker. Empire Swiss broker has been providing services for many years. You can find information on the network about it without problems, it is regularly found in the top positions of the ratings, and reviews about it are on the thematic forums of trading. Therefore, one of my criteria was just the choice of an experienced broker. And experts claim that it is better to choose a broker who is actively present in the market for at least five years. And if you study the history of the company deeper, then the fact that the company was founded for a long time will open, which I wrote a little higher about this. Due to your experience on the Internet, you can easily find reviews about the broker Empire Swiss.

Leroy Dean

Working with Empire Swiss broker is actually very simple. It has 2 convenient trading modern platforms. This is more than most brokers can offer. It was also very important for me that my future broker had a large base with training materials, namely, this broker is strong and I actively used it now too. He really has a lot of teaching various kinds: there are articles, video on YouTube and so on. So in this aspect I was very pleased with the educational program of the broker. But when I opened an account with this broker about a year ago, I did not even think that I would like to trade with him so much. Nevertheless, this is exactly the broker with which you just want to trade in the long run. It is with Empire Swiss that I get a trading experience that I was so missing to stop being just an amateur in trading. Of course, this is my achievement (most of it), but without a good broker I could not go so far. The rate of withdrawal of funds also depends on the level of status. The higher your status, the higher the priority is given to your request for the withdrawal of funds.

Walter Miles

I found Empire Swiss an adequate brokerage company. It was advised to me by a friend who has more than three years of experience with this broker. He has already told me several times about this broker and his trade experience. And when I changed the broker, I immediately decided that my future broker would be Empire Swiss. And this decision paid off. I will not write how much more I became profitable and all that kinds, since this is not the merit of a broker, but mine. The broker is only good in helping me to reveal my potential and bring my trade to a new level. My opinion is that the broker is perfect for beginners who still trade on a demo account and experienced traders who implement the most daring trading strategies on their accounts. A good broker, he really has something to offer his customers. The only thing I did not like (but this is not a broker’s fault) is that you can withdraw money only in the way you brought it. To add a new way of withdrawal, you must first make money in this way.

John Robinson

I have great respect for the broker Empire Swiss because they managed to create a real association of traders who can work as one cohesion team. And they did not have to make great efforts for this, because they simply created pages on social networks that all traders without exception can use. And it was a real splash, because usually brokerage companies do not provide such an opportunity, and your communication happens only with managers from the company. It is also very convenient to choose a credit shoulder, which is replaced by a multiplier, which allows you to quickly understand this issue, even if you are just starting to work on the market. And there are also amazing market reviews and strategies, there is always something to read. What is good in trade here is that as soon as you start making money, you can easily start scaling your profit. Forex is indeed one of the most profitable and effective areas in the market. It's true. And I advise many to try. But of course, you need to get acquainted with her well and practice the demo.

Samuel Carlson

For some time I have been trading with Empire Swiss, and, frankly, it is very good and convenient, there is no problem with the withdrawal of funds, in fact it is the fastest compared to other brokers with which I had to deal with before. For some brokers, it is easy to make a deposit, but it is very restless when it comes to withdrawing your money with difficulty earned. Empire Swiss is still the best for me, and I just hope that they will remain the same or change for the better in the near future. I like that the broker does not fail even during market shocks. You can always work with any amount and any number of transactions, and this allows you to earn even with high volatility. I think this is a great indicator. Based on my experience, I must say that the broker is not a fake or fraud. But I always lose money because of my emotions and greed to quickly make a profit. So this is the best platform in the world for honest earnings for those people who know how to control their emotions, trading with a good strategy.

John Carter

I thought that the popularity of trading would be short -term and very soon it would go to second place. But I was mistaken, besides, many of my friends saw excellent prospects here and gradually I noticed that we are constantly talking about investments, paying interest, falling oil prices and other things that previously discussed only occasionally. At some point, it became for me the reason to look at this case again, and at some point I wanted to try ... I can’t say that I chose a broker for a long time, there was a lot of talk about Empire Swiss and so on, and I knew that I knew that A lot of people are selling here. I didn’t tell anyone about this, I wanted to try it myself, and then share my impressions. I will add that three years have passed since then. And yes. I'm still here. And I can call myself a successful trader. Of course, there were difficult times and situations. I even received up to 50% of my capital, because I thought I was very smart and prepared. But over time, I managed to exclude swing from my trade and return to normal. I can say that I am sure that my success is a market study and constant practice. So, articles, books are your main assistants, it’s good that everything is in order here.

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