ICO project Spectre

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ICO project Spectre
ICO project Spectre is one of the most notorious and interesting projects in the market, which offers users the possibility of a powerful tokenized trading platform without a broker. Spectre platform looks like some revolution against the traditional trading system led by a broker that dictates the working conditions, which are often disadvantageous for the trader.
This bold project of the outgoing 2017 is now interesting to a large number of private investors and serious organizations. How will the financial markets of the future be arranged? What expects brokers and classical trading? We also ask these questions and the review of the ICO project Spectre is one of the successful projections in addressing this issue. We will tell you why potential investors should pay attention to this project.

ICO and Spectre

The project team thought about serious problems, the existence of which makes the functioning of financial markets less effective. We all often hear that a broker is a divorce and a cheater, as he refuses to withdraw money and offers more and more schemes of cheating traders. For this purpose you only need to study real complaints of traders against brokers. Brokerage companies make disadvantageous working conditions in the terminal and the amount of commissions, trade against the trader and "live" at the expense of losses of their users.

All this prevents market players from quietly earning their money. As a result, about 70% of traders lose their money while working in the trading terminal with a broker. Such shocking figures have become the starting point for the birth of a new unique ICO project Spectre (or speculative tokenized trading exchange), which is designed to change the situation. This ICO campaign (Wikipedia) is focused on raising funds for the development of the world's first multi-asset trading platform (binary option, forex, securities, crypt currency, etc.) without any involvement of brokers, it will operate on the basis of an innovative decentralized pool of liquidity through the use of smart block (Wikipedia) Ethereum contracts. Let us tell you more about the features of Spectre.

ICO Spectre already at the preliminary stage of implementation of tokens looked like a very bold and even revolutionary solution that will invariably make adjustments to the work of all participants of the financial market. Therefore, the project concept deserves special attention.
Spectre is trying to eliminate the conflict of interest between two sides of the market: traders and brokers. Being a counterparty to the system's transactions, the new exchange does not play against a trader and cannot take the opposite side during transactions. All transactions are confirmed by a blockchain, with no human intervention, fraud or deception.

ICO Spectre: conflict of interest between traders and brokers

The real revolution in financial markets is that the Ethereum (site) liquidity pool now belongs to token owners, income will be paid out instantly, leading to a new level of transparency in trading. Now the trader, if he came to the exchange to trade, will finally be able to trade immediately. Trading is done with the help of smart contracts (Wikipedia), the results are not affected by potentially interested parties, there are no extra fees and unnecessary operations. In addition, there is no need to specifically deposit money into the system and worry about "their future fate"; personal Ethereum wallets participate in transactions.

ICO token, which is planned to be introduced into the project, will be the first such instrument offering an infinite flow of dividends. The more trades are conducted in the system, the more dividends are paid to its participants, and the constant growth in the number of its users will lead to a constant increase in profits in the form of dividends. Such a model creates a more effective and profitable environment for earning money by traders. More information about the project in White Paper.

Among advantages of the platform:

Complete democratization of the trading process, honesty and transparency of work,
Constantly increasing income from the liquidity pool,
Payments to system members are regulated by means of smart contracts based on the Ethereum block list,
All transactions in the system will take place instantly from wallets, the exchange will not have access to wallets and capital of traders,

A unique tokenized balance model, which allows traders to trade around the clock. The pool will pay 2% dividends to dividend-token holders and 2% to the project team (for system maintenance) when participants enter into transactions.
An innovative adaptive platform equipped (unlike the standard trading platforms Metatrader 5 (site), Spot Option (site), etc.) with algorithms to protect trader actions, which will make trading effective. Studying trader's weaknesses, the system will warn him about future mistakes, offer opportunities for risk management, track statistics.

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