LST-IC – scammers or not? Not!

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Every Forex broker claims it is the best to deal with, and the fraudsters who just pretend to be legit brokers do the same and they are even louder. Which one of them is really the best – it is a question, but at least there are some markers, which help us identifying scammers. Check how this works using our example, anti-fraud check of LST-IC.

There is no fixed order of actions, but we would recommend starting with search of LST-IC scam reviews on the web. Unlike birds in the sky, Forex brokers leave noticeable trails – if company works at least for several months, it has some history and there are people to tell it. Some of these stories are good, some of them aren’t, just pay attention to facts and you’ll most likely see whether it is worth to get to this company closer at all. A hint for beginners – most of the scam lists like 10, 20 scammers are quite useless. As we haven't seen somebody accusing LST-IC of fraud, we can go to the next milestone and check their website.

It may seem too simple, but it still works – good broker is very serious about its website and content on it. If LST-IC was a scammer its website would most likely be half-empty as not informative at all. So if we can’t say any of these things about it, we are most likely moving in right direction. The website should give us the full picture of what company is and what it does. In case with our LST-IC mini scam review we see the answer for the second question, but the information about the company itself is minimal. We can only say it is incorporated in UK and its office is also there. That doesn’t look critical so far, but there are companies telling about themselves much more.

It seems to be the only disturbing thing we can say about LST-IC, the rest looks better. And, which is even more important, the really worrying signs are missing. We are speaking of such things as profits or cash bonus for opening an account, automatic trades or signal to guarantee profits and other things of this kind.

The point is Forex brokers just should not promise you returns of any kind. In other words, we would have all reasons to call LST-IC fraudsters if the company promised to make us money. And it is applied to any market, not just Forex. If LST-IC is a legit broker, it just provides us with a spot and tools to trade, we are responsible for our profits or losses ourselves.

The same applies to generous giveaways for investors. Do not hope that you will be that extremely lucky client who gets a new car or something of this kind for just opening an account or making a deposit of $500. The general rule of thumb is something as following: you should better stay away from any promises too good to be true.

Another worrying sign may be some sponsorship programs for athletes, for example. The fact is athletes know very few things about markets and fraud schemes used on them, but 95pc of them are happy to see any sponsor. Not every company sponsoring athletes is using them as cover for their scam practices, of course. But most of legit brokers (and LST-IC too) just don’t need that as they have a plenty of other channels to promote themselves and their services. In other words, the broker’s logo on athlete’s jersey doesn’t make the company legit.

One more thing to mention is the affordable threshold to start trading. The model “deposit $1000 today and withdraw $1500 tomorrow” is not just never works; it is one of the most reliable fraud alerts. The good news is that Forex broker LST-IC doesn’t asks for anything of this kind and doesn’t promises instant returns – its minimal deposit for Basic account type is EUR250.

Then there is another important thing to check – the payment methods supported and used. We all like fast payments, but in case with Forex we should remember, that fraudsters are very fond of crypto, too. That has very simple explanation – most of the scammers targeting your money prefer crypto as it is almost impossible to track or to roll back the crypto transaction. So if the crypto payments is the only option available, just leave, let somebody else enjoy the speed and anonymity of transactions (at least for a while). LST-IC proposes various payment methods. They include crypto, but it just one of the options and not the only one.

It looks like we have gathered enough facts to conclude our little scam review of LST-IC. The company is quite closed, it does not seem to be eager to provide a lot of information about itself. On the other hand, it is not involved in scandals and information on its website and on the web in general contains no evidence of using any fraud schemes and practices.

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