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We are about to review the Forex broker LST-IC from the point of view of a beginner trader, with an experience of zero to minimal. The ultimate goal is to find out whether the forex broker is the best for beginners or it would be better for them to try their luck with some other broker. So here’s our review of LST-IC as of 2022.

Let’s start with a question: what company can be called the best Forex broker for beginners? Most likely the one which offers more, charges less and keeps the whole process as simple as possible, starting with onboarding and ending with the trading process itself. So it looks like our task is to find out whether Forex broker LST-IC fits these benchmarks we have just set.

So the starting point is we know there is Forex broker LST-IC – from reviews or some people we know, or elsewhere and we are about to evaluate the company as potential partner in investments. Most likely we will start with its official website. The sequence of actions could be different though, but this is one of the first steps anyway.

The website simplicity and availability of information are two crucial points – 99pc of users would just close the tab for good if they spent several minutes on the site and still got no clue what company is and how it can be useful for them.

But this case is a bit different. From the very start, we see that LST-IC is the Forex broker, which also suggests operations with other asset types, that the company is incorporated in United Kingdom. More information that is specific is just within a click or two from the home page, everything seems to be clear.

The next thing we need to know is the conditions of an account good for beginners. Among the LST-IC account types the Basic account looks to be the one we need. EUR250 as minimal deposit – оh, that hurts a little. But it is accompanied with 9 major currencies, over 25 analytical tools, 3 insured trades. The spreads are fixed and floating. The last but not least, there is also a personal account manager option, hopefully it can help to sort the things out if needed. The minimal deposit could be smaller, but altogether Forex broker LST-IC still can be the best broker for low-cost trading.

Now let’s see how can we deposit and withdraw our money. The payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, cryptocurrency and Qiwi payment system as well. A little tip for beginners – it is better to pass the complete verification at once in order to start trading as soon as LST-IC reviews your credentials and verifies account. The point is that initial registration is not enough to make money transfers.

But there is one more thing to do before we start trading with Forex broker LST-IC. We should make a little research regarding the company’s past and its attitude towards its clients. LST-IC investment reviews, various black lists, social network discussions – we can find these things everywhere. Just two key things – reviews about LST-IC should rather contain facts than emotions, that is the first thing. And the second is that these things should be as fresh as possible. LST-IC invest review written 2-3 years ago is not necessarily useful now – everything changes, you know.

Now, since we have the full picture after browsing through all these reviews about LST-IC, we may come to some conclusions. There are some cons, of course. The minimal deposit threshold is a bit too high in our opinion, and the absence of anything like training or demo mode to learn using the platform. That is definitely what beginners may need. Another moment to mention here is the withdrawal terms – we can assume that it is not the Forex broker fault, there are intermediaries processing the payments, but it does not really change the things for us.

But there are also good things to finish our LST-IC review as of 2022. The terms and conditions are clear, the set of options included in the Basic account is not bad at all. And there are also personal account manager, regular webinars and the help of experienced traders promised by the company. The set of payment methods seems to fit anyone, and the absence of negative reviews of LST-IC on the web is also a plus. All these things together make the Forex broker a good match for beginners who just start exploring this market.

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Sims Shennon

I am one of the grateful clients of broker Lst-Ic. In a relatively short period of time I was able to double my deposit and appreciate all the benefits of the work. The only thing is that some of the tutorials caused difficulties, but the answers to the questions were found by the support service.

Stouks Herold

I did not have any problems with the terms of trade. I have never risked a large deposit. I'll see how things go with the withdrawal, but something tells me that this is definitely not a scammer and I'm here for a long time.

Foks E­lvin

I have appreciated the information about the risks. Forex broker Lst-Ic described everything in detail and even put it in a separate section in the agreement, which I personally am grateful for. All in all, without any pitfalls. I have been trading here for more than half a year now and I'm still more than happy with the attitude to my clients.

Fauler Britton

The customer service is of course excellent. I cannot thank them enough. Thanks for their help in understanding a lot of things. I have a great support team who will help me solve all my problems.

Mitchell Kemron

I have never lost time on the trading platform and order execution takes a fraction of a second. I have no problems with slippage at all and will not distract from trading. I agree with the reviews on Lst-Ic broker that this is a pretty good trading platform with good functionality.

Maksvell Piter

Offers good market conditions. Commissions and spreads are low, did not encounter any overpayments. I didn't notice any fraudulent actions, so I can say that the broker is quite good.

Myorfi Piter

The service offers not so bad conditions if compared to other brokers. For example, I earned a little less than $100 before the weekend and immediately put it into my wallet.

Fillips Malkolm

I can spot scammers. I have enough experience, so I am not easily fooled. I cooperate with the broker since 2018. The quality of trade support is satisfactory. There are no problems with withdrawals and deposits.

Makdeniel Ronald

This is the case when reviews on Lst-Ic broker turned out to be normal. Acceptable investment conditions, good pamm system, working trading signals.

Perish Uilyam

If you want to work with a normal platform and not another scammer, I recommend a proven broker. I do not use pending and futures orders simultaneously. I do not use forecasts as a basis but take them into account as review information. The only thing I would like is more real analytics.

Morris Fillip

I have been acquainted with broker Lst-Ic about 8 months ago. I have only been working with this broker for about 8 months and it took less than a day to verify my account. The conditions are ok, the average profit per month is 5-7%.

Montgomeri Skot

I don't smell a scam here. I would not entrust even a small amount of money to a dubious company. I have carefully checked all conditions before the opening of a deposit, analyzed them, contacted the support service. I have always been a confident trader and I am sure it will work.

Dzhordan Semyuel

I have been working with classic pairs, I have been getting good results in trading. I have been working with major currency pairs and metals. I have already opened several accounts with Forex Broker.

Frimen Deniel

I have not been offered any dubious schemes. In any case I was not offered any dubious schemes, at least to me. I don't have any calls, which is already good. The spreads are low. The verification process took only a few hours. The payment was made almost immediately and I was surprised. I am not a swindler for sure, but my assets are not enough.

Ross Shennon

I have read reviews on Lst-Ic and decided to try. I have a good gradation of accounts and well-thought-out bonus system. The managers don't try to push unnecessary, unworkable strategies.

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