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It was not clear for a long time what MFX Broker (the predecessor of MFX Capital) is. It seems that until recently everything was not bad. Promises were fulfilled, money was withdrawn as easily as they were introduced, and there were no problems with the number of tools and the work of the platform.


Consider terms and trading tools no longer makes sense, since the facts of fraud on the part of the company have repeated more than once. Moreover, there were blatant cases when MFX Broker from one broker impudently stole 50 thousand dollars.


Having familiarized with the company's rules, we were surprised at how impudently and openly the company allowed itself to take money from customers who trusted them. Just look at one of the paragraphs of this regulation (3.12.4):

mfx brokerMoreover, the managers of this company, Igor Volkov and Margarita Zhiznevskaya, are accused by the Georgian police of appropriating the money of investors in their company. The law enforcement agencies have calculated the total amount stolen by fraudsters of 1.5 million dollars.


Now let's go directly to MFX Capital, as this is just another name for the same broker-fraudster, another subsidiary company.


Despite the fact that it seems that they have long uncovered the fraudster, MFX Capital continues to work and calls to invest credulous people. If you still doubt whether to trust this broker or not, then we strongly recommend that you do not do this even though mostly positive reviews that can be found on the network. The fact that management companies are able to manipulate consciousness, this is already proved by the example of their previous project. 


Trading conditions do not matter if the broker has many chances to steal customer funds. The main points are:


Proceeding from all the signs, we are sure that this is the same kitchen with almost the same name and managers, the only question is at what point they decide to take everything away from their investors.

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