PagSeguro transaction volume up 97% in 2021 to R$ 456 billion

Overview of PagSeguro's Rapid Transaction Volume Growth Visitors: 420 ★★★★★

PugSeguro (NYSE:PAGS), owner of the machine sofa company of the same name and PagBank, recorded R$456 billion in captured transaction volume last year, up 97% from 2020, according to an operating preview released Wednesday, 2. According to companies, the numbers for 2021 were all-time highs.

When purchased, the volume increased by 56% in one year, to 252 billion reais. Excluding the volume of emergency operations, which ended last year, the annual growth was 60%.

PagBank added 5.2 million active users to the database and reached a total of 13.1 million.

The company also released previous operating data for the fourth quarter of last year. During the reporting period, the volume of capture reached 147 billion reais in consolidated terms, an increase of 76% over the year.

When purchased, the increase was 43%, to 79 billion reais, or 48% if emergency assistance is excluded.

PagSeguro has not yet announced when it will report its fourth quarter and 2021 financial results.

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