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Traders from different countries have developed a variety of strategies, based on scalping. Here are some examples of what I consider to be the most effective.

The game at the intersections of sliding averages. This strategy can be found in descriptions under different names: "Wave", "Surfing", "Method Sidus" and others. Its essence: if a strong impulse of motion occurs, the fast variable with a small period intersects with a slower sliding with a large period. One of the slides at this time serves as a dynamic trend line, the other - indicates the change of trend. Sometimes an additional variable appears with an even longer period than in the slow sliding of the above pair. The slope of this slide determines the direction of the main trend.

Donchian Camp and Canal Strategy (Punching). The main signal here is the return breakdown of the Donchian Canal. After this event, there is no kickback for several minutes, so the trader has time to buy the options and with a high probability of profit for him. It is based on sophisticated digital data analysis, so it is highly accurate. However, there is no major downside to this: in the absence of a strong trend, the strategy works poorly, constantly producing erroneous forecasts.

Strategy from levels. Allows fastest trade. You can set an expiration time of 1 minute, but it is better to work with brokers that allow you to make deals in turbo mode for 30 seconds. It does not require indicators: it is only necessary to monitor the consolidation areas and mark their breakdown.

 Every trader is familiar with a phrase in which the words "trend" and "friend" are played. Yes, work on the trend is most favorable. Of course, there are special strategies for the flute as well, but the directed trend is far more favorable, especially for those dealing with binary options. Those who practice scalping on binary options also have more maneuvers to play if the tried and tested trend system still fails.

How profitable your trade will be depends on several factors. It is experience in the field of binary options, as well as the human qualities of the trader: his patience, calmness, willingness to always follow the rules of capital management. I remind you that in any binary options strategy, one must be mindful of money management: not to risk more than 2 percent of a deposit in one operation, not to spend more than 20 percent of your total account in a month. If, for several days in a row, you do not trade, you cannot lose your head when you want to play. On the contrary: spend a day or two without trends - and wait for the situation in the market to turn out in your favor, and the winning binary options will be much more.


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