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Starting work on Forex, a young trader absolutely naturally wants to insure himself against gross mistakes. At the same time, the wrong choice of a broker is one of those mistakes that may call into question the success of a future career.

Why do you need a broker?

Unfortunately, access to Forex for a private person without the intermediary of a broker is impossible. Firstly, it will not be able to independently overcome all registration difficulties. And secondly, and this is important, an ordinary person simply does not have enough money to compete with the sharks of the financial market, turning millions. Therefore, a broker, as an intermediary, is simply necessary for a trader.

Reason not to lose vigilance

Unfortunately, fraud in intermediary services in foreign exchange trading is a very common phenomenon. In fact, getting caught by unscrupulous businessmen is one of the most serious risks in this area of activity. Faced with them, a novice trader loses money, is experiencing a collapse of hopes. And, it is quite possible that he is losing interest in Forex trading.

For this reason, the right choice of broker is extremely important. How to make it and not get confused in the abundance of advertising? Especially if scammers didn’t skimp on advertising - the bait should look attractive. Both advertising articles and purchased reviews from supposedly successful customers are involved.

You can pay attention to indirect signs that give an unscrupulous broker:

• intrusive adware;

• promise of huge profits with a minimum of effort;

• doubtful place of registration of the company;

• lack of financial regulation;

• short term of the company lifetime;

• similar praise on the broker's website;

• information about court appeals regarding fraud.

But one of the most effective ways to insure yourself against fraud is to get an independent, competent opinion from those who understand brokerage services.

These may be acquaintances who have experience working with a particular broker. But what if there are no such acquaintances?

The purpose of this site

This resource was created for those who are taking their first steps on Forex. Its task is to provide traders with enough information so that they can make the right choice.

Why exactly us?

We are not a brokerage company and therefore can be a source of independent opinion.

Why are we doing this?

We are interested in the development of the Forex market in Poland, and the traders to be successful.

What are we ready to do?

Provide traders with an independent opinion from those who have sufficient experience with Forex to distinguish truth from lies, and a bona fide intermediary from a scammer.

If you have already become a victim of scammers

According to existing statistics, most traders who work with unscrupulous brokers at some point begin to understand that something is wrong. But at the same time they do not know what can be done, do not interrupt this cooperation and continue to hope for luck.

A way out of the situation is possible. Already knowing the possibilities of alternatives allows you to break the vicious circle and try to change the brokerage company.

We are ready to help you make the right choice not only to those who are trying to start trading on Forex, but also to those who suspect uncleanliness in relation to themselves and are thinking about changing a broker. After all, it is always more advisable not to aggravate a losing situation, to get out of it while the losses are small, and to find something better.

To do this, we provide a certain amount of information materials, reviews of existing brokerage companies and feature articles on currency trading.

We wish you a successful Forex career!


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