Trading with Stocks Wide: overview and account types of the broker

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To trade Forex, cryptocurrencies or commodities, the chosen broker must be feature-rich, reliable and user-friendly. What does Stocks Wide offer traders? Let's review the broker's services - its features, advantages and disadvantages.

What products does Stocks Wide offer?

The broker is tested by time. For more than a decade, traders have been making money with Stocks Wide and using its wide range of products. For traders to choose from, Stocks Wide offers trading in indices, timber, precious metals, grain and cryptocurrencies. There is no limit to the choice of trades on the Stocks Wide website, as the range is constantly expanding to meet demand. The variety ofStocks Wide account typesgives you the opportunity to choose assets to your liking.

Stocks Wide accounts offered

An important indicator when choosing a broker is freedom of choice and minimum restrictions. Anyone can start trading with $500 and withdraw the maximum server's kush of $250000. For beginners there are demo accounts, and for pros - premium class.

Stocks Wide account types:

The broker offers 24-hour support and a well-established helpdesk. Introductory sessions and analyst support are available for beginners. For premium accounts, weekly analytics are available.

Managed Account Types are available to customers:

The convenience of these accounts lies in the added value services and support of experienced advisers who monitor results and offer a tailor-made portfolio for clients. The support and service is generated from the initial deposit.

Stocks Wide trading platform and website

By accessing the Stocks Wide website, traders have access to an informative market and analysis base, the convenience and simplicity of the site is pleasing. Analytical tools for technical analysis and forecasting are available for everyone. Trading is based on MetaTrader 4, a proven platform.

The main advantage of the website is stability and speed of response during active trading sessions. The platform is suitable for scalping and other strategies that require a fast and stable system. Large number of users and cumbersome tools do not overload or slow down the platform. A well-functioning system of updates on mirror servers ensures smooth and active operation of the platform.

Stocks Wide market spreads

Trading profitability is an important indicator of a broker. The Stocks Wide market spread is at or below the average market spread, making it possible to profit from even small price movements, guaranteeing profits. A well-functioning Stocks Wide spread system allows you to make good profits and not go into deficit.

But the Stocks Wide spread review - it is better to control it yourself. You should not trust the structures of the jurisdiction or third parties entirely.

Disadvantages of Stocks Wide

The Stocks Wide strategy manager review revealed several shortcomings. Namely weak and slow support service not in English. English proficiency is important for exchange trading, but you want to get the most convenient service.

For a legal broker, there is one more limitation - withdrawal in cryptocurrency is not possible at the moment due to legal restrictions. We hope this is temporary and it will be possible to use bitcoins in our market.

Stocks Wide Independent Reviews

A Stocks Wide review reddit noted the broker's good reputation among traders. The review noted an excellent knowledge base, illuminating many exchange issues. But Reddit moderators do not always have time to remove black PR, spam and slander.

A more reliable and important source is the Stocks Wide review trustpilot. It is worth noting that this review highlights a number of the broker's strengths. Stocks Wide has not received any scathing comments on this resource over the years and its wide client base. This adds to the confidence in the reliability of this broker. 

In future broker analyses and reviews, we recommend basing ourselves on Stocks Wide review trustpilot, where the work of the moderators is more streamlined, timely and competent.

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