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Judging on whether a Forex broker is good for beginner is based on two criteria. The first is simplicity of onboarding and trading itself, and the second is best terms for low-cost trading. Whether Forex broker Stocks Wide can be called the best broker for beginners? Is it simple to register and to start trading with Stocks Wide, and is it good for low-cost trading? Learn more on these and other aspects from our review of Stocks Wide as of 2022.

What does a typical beginner starts with? Most likely he starts with the reviewing of Stocks Wide terms and conditions to learn what the company can offer and for which price. Two key demands – everything should be clear and all the needed data should be where a client expects them to see. You may offer the very best conditions on the market, but if potential clients can’t find it on your website, they would rather close the tab for good and go to your competitor.

Let’s review Stocks Wide website to see whether it is easy to find what we need at the very beginning. The site contains most of the data needed, it is available within a couple of clicks, and navigation system is easy. As the result of it, the impression on what company does and what it offers is full and absolutely clear. 

The next stage is search of the suitable conditions. Review of broker Stocks Wide account types brings us the Beginner account. In exchange for minimal deposit of EUR100 we will get 9 major currencies, 3 insured deals plus personal account manager services. We also get a set of 25 tools to make trading easier and Get Started stage to learn using them and to learn how trading with Forex broker Stocks Wide looks like and feels like. Speaking about training – this phase is available for all accounts types with Stocks Wide in case you want a bigger set of options and tools and ready to pay for them.

The next thing to clarify is everything regarding finance – we should review what Stocks Wide has to offer in this regard and see if it meets our expectations and fits us in general. The company accepts payments and withdraw funds via bank transfers, CashU, MasterCard and Visa. All methods are widely used, stable and reliable. The registration is quite simple, though account verification may take some time until broker Stocks Wide reviews and approves it.

It seems like we have everything ready to start trading, but there is one more stage. Some users start with it, some, don’t, but reputation check is the must. So we should browse through Stocks Wide investment reviews and study the other users’ experience before we start getting the one of our own. But there is one thing to keep in mind while you read reviews about Stocks Wide – there should be a proof for any statement.

We asked Stocks Wide development director Thomas Mueller to expand this a little. The issue is quite important and our Stocks Wide review as of 2022 would be incomplete without this explanation.

Question: What is the rule of a thumb if we want to invest with the company and study reviews about Stocks Wide?

Thomas Mueller: Facts matter, I think. Say you see somebody saying Stocks Wide is the best broker for beginners. What this means for you as a potential client? Almost nothing. It is just a statement with no details.

How do you know we didn’t pay for it in order you could see it online? We didn’t, of course, we avoid these things, but there are companies who are fond of this tactics. The same rule applies if you see the review of Forex broker Stocks Wide calling it the worst broker for beginners, or for low-cost trading, or something else of this kind. In this case our competitors may pay for this - that happens even more often. And it is not only about Forex trading sphere – the same approach should be applied everywhere. Writing reviews for money is a brand new industry nowadays.

Q: How can we avoid this? Where can find a reliable Stocks Wide Forex broker review? Some specific sources of information, maybe?

TM: Not in this case, sorry. Just pay attention to details, it doesn’t depends on the source. Like you see the review of Stocks Wide describing some situation – “I did this and that, faced some issue, the company solved it/didn’t solve it because of the following reasons”. That would be the real thing, no matter whether it is positive or negative, and is worth paying attention to.

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