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There are enough unscrupulous brokers. Fraudsters try to steal clients' money under any pretext. They come up with schemes and promise huge profits. But it won't work if you read reviews about Forex brokers and check official registries. If you really need a reliable service, we recommend you pay attention to Swissstand. This is a European broker, with a full set of documents. A broker works 24/7. Does not charge any unclear commissions, suitable for traders of any level.

There is free training and a practice account for working out strategies. There are several steps to register, but it does not take long. The service is used by players from all over the world.

It was not noticed in any frauds. All clients get their payouts. Debts are excluded, as the company fulfills its financial obligations.

All employees are regularly checked. They also improve their skills in courses. The support service reacts quickly. The quality control department monitors its work closely. Swissstand is a good broker and is not on the broker scam list. The broker has implemented a compensation system and always informs about the risks. Withdrawals only through verified systems. The site has terminals available for download.

The terms are understandable. The organization is for transparency. Therefore nothing is hidden from the users. Documents and reporting can be accessed at any time. There are several ways to deposit a balance.

The Swissstand legit and does not work with those who have not been verified. This is the final stage of registration. This is a mandatory requirement.

What do blacklists give?

Anti-ratings introduce unscrupulous services because those who do not fulfill their obligations get there. In some cases, they are compiled by competitors who do not know how to work. Therefore they should not be considered objective.  

Swissstand has never been on the broker's blacklist. That's because they work honestly, they don't deceive users. Everyone gets paid, and there is a support service and official Forex tools.

Fraudsters and their tricks

The intruders are usually consequential. On the stock exchanges, forex broker scams work this way:

If it goes right, the clients lose everything. Obviously, no one will compensate them for anything, and clients can forget about the payout.

Fraudsters pose as employees of well-known companies and sometimes simply steal their names. They might also copy the website and some products to make it look as natural as possible. They are not stingy with promises, they use professional terminology and intimidate. 

Although aggressive, they are surprisingly tactful. The signs to spot them are these:

Is Swissstand fraud? Definitely not, it does not forget to inform about the risks and does not make false promises.

How does an honest company work?

Any normal service values its reputation. Does not use fraudulent schemes, and keeps client funds separate. Provides free training, and does not charge extra fees.

The Swissstand legit and will suit both investors and traders. Favorable terms, several tariffs, plus a practice account. It works with European banks.

The type of tariff defines the spread and commission. The broker is accredited and regularly audited to confirm its reliability.

That's why it is trusted:

Service is available around the clock.

The Swissstand broker and clients

If the internet does not work, it is possible to call Swissstand. Not many companies provide such a service. All contact numbers are on the website. The broker takes care of clients by informing them of the risks, providing protection against negative balances. There are official Forex tools and bonuses.

A compensation system has been developed for users. There are occasional promotions and the agreement is not breached. The Swissstand is not a scammer. To make sure of this, just read the reviews.


The company works openly. There is a practice account for working out trial strategies. Several ways to deposit funds. Verified terminals and payment systems. Overall, the broker is not bad and is definitely not a scammer.


Comments (4)
Jerome Perkins

I was advised by the Swiss Stand broker as a “excellent investment option”. He looked - he has a huge number of tools, there is where to turn around. As a result, I tried it. At the time when I opened the score, the broker also set the requirements for a minimum deposit, about $ 1,000. And, to be honest, I remained somewhat disappointed. Requirements for various promotions, account structures and other million. And there is no kind of Pammov and there is no close! Which is strange for an investment company. But there is a positive moment: the investment portfolio still allowed me to accumulate decent amounts in a couple of years, and I brought them out in parts. This has gone three or four months, but the fact remains: I received the money. Now I work through the Swiss Stand broker. In general, if you consider this broker, I highly recommend this company. Open the score in the Swiss Stand and start earning. Thus, I will continue my journey with this broker, whom at the moment I can recommend not only as beginners, but also experienced traders.

James Hamilton

Swiss Stand is one of those brokers about whom they say that this is a real broker. And that trade here is real, real transactions and a real entry into the market. It’s not so difficult to get here, but there are nuances. A more deposit is needed, and you need to understand that all transactions are possible only through the bank. But with Swiss Stand there is no possibility of fraud even close. All losses are only losses due to improperly open transactions. Many traders are heard by many traders. This company as a standard for many financial market brokers. I have never bothering whether to open an account here or not. The question was only in the amount of the deposit. Therefore, initially I traded at another broker. I will not say that that company was problematic, but I was looking for a reliable broker. And when my capital allowed, I opened an account here. And he was not disappointed in this broker so far. I was then a newcomer to trade on Forex. And it was very difficult for me to figure out everything, but I could. Thanks to Forex, Swiss Stand and his sensitive employees, who I want to say just human thanks! Do not be afraid to start, you are here in good hands!

Eric Taylor

I met Swiss Stand by a broker recently exploring reviews about it. There were controversial moments, but having the opportunity to try such a small amount as $ 250, I decided that you can afford. The analyst was very polite from the first minutes and very carefully set the level of my knowledge. I felt like I was on the exam before starting to deal with an English tutor. As a result, he determined that I was very much even anything, I understand something (there was the experience of binary options) and conducted the first training site. There is nothing complicated, he helped to configure everything and gave several transactions that closed over the next four days. The profit on them was not bad - about $ 20 in total. We continued to train and soon offered me a contract. Without thinking twice, I invested $ 2,500 and began to wait for my profit. Today, 2.5 months after its opening, I withdrew part of my net profit - $ 1,000. I’ll say what I like and I would really recommend Swiss Stand for beginners. The company is equally attentive to customers with different levels of knowledge and financial revolutions, and this is very important.

Andy Lewis

For the first time I meet such a reliable company. People who organized work really knew what they were doing. The relationship between departments works with a bang. I found out thanks to difficulties with the conclusion. Even in the beginning, when I just registered and put the money to the account, I went on my own verification. There was nothing complicated in this, the documents flew quickly, and I didn’t even check if everything was in order there. After six months of trade and, by the way, before the account replenishment, I decided to withdraw part of the profit. Not much - 1,500 dollars. And here these mysterious difficulties began, because of which I immediately determined Swiss Stand in scammers, but in the end I made a mistake and was in vain worried. I began to panic why they refused me the conclusion and after 5 unsuccessful attempts I asked my analyst a question. Firstly, he told me that it is impossible to withdraw money when I have so much overloaded with open transactions. Well, we unloaded it and after a weeks I tried one and a half weeks again. But no. I was refused again. Secondly, the card on which I was going to draw the conclusion was expired. This interrupted my indignation. He began to get angry and think very badly about the company. The verification department and technical support immediately joined the work. They found the work with a common effort and I felt even a little ashamed. I completely forgot which card I loaded. I was sure that there was different, moreover, the dollar. As a result, because of my own carelessness, I almost quarreled with everyone. It’s good that patient professionals work in Swiss Stand. Thanks to them, I was able to withdraw funds, by the way, received them after 2 days, which was very pleased.

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