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TrendsTurbo Forex traders' accounts are a tempting target for illicit enrichment. It is possible to avoid the threat, but this requires some simple procedures to be followed.

With the development of the Internet, the percentage of threats has grown that usually lie and wait for users while surfing the web. Yesterday the Internet was entertainment for the mass consumer and a means of communication, now on the Internet you can perform almost any operation: from buying products to paying for utilities. Payments are made using bank cards and e-wallets. At the same time, the only means of protection for many users are standard programs that protect from the most primitive threats. TrendsTurbo broker analysts prepared material on why do you need verification and how the security on is provided.  

TrendsTurbo Forex Broker client profile verification

An important procedure in Forex today is verification: confirmation of the phone number, mail, as well as the provision of a package of documents confirming the identity of the trader. This procedure is useful for both TrendsTurbo broker and traders. Nobody is surprised by the request to present documents, for example, when buying plane tickets, right? Today, users are verified even during the registration on social networks. This procedure becomes even more reasonable for making monetary transactions.

Asking for verification at TrendsTurbo Forex broker when registering usually does not repulse at all. For a trader, verification also has advantages.

It is impossible to withdraw money from the TrendsTurbo broker account to third-party wallets if the account holder has not been verified. Changing the fully verified name in the client's profile to another immediately falls into the field of vision of support as a suspicious action. Changing a phone number that has already been verified is simply impossible. After all, this is where the client receives the withdrawal confirmation details.

Of course, TrendsTurbo broker, for the sake of the client's safety, does not withdraw funds from his account to systems other than those from which the deposit was made. But there are times when fraudsters gain access to mail that stores letters with passwords, personal data, including copies of documents that have ever been sent to someone. Having gained access to such information, the scammers contact the broker's support service and say that the wallet from which the trading accounts were replenished has been stolen, and it is necessary to withdraw the funds to a new one. In this case, the broker support service requests all documents of the client in whose name the profile is open, call the phone number specified during the registration of the profile – and yet the withdrawal method cannot be changed due to the AML procedure.

Naturally, in most cases, the TrendsTurbo Forex broker team will get to the truth. But what happens if you have not indicated your phone number, and you can only be contacted by mail that was stolen from you? In such cases, the broker takes a timeout, waiting for additional information to appear. Perhaps, if the hacking took place, in this case, the story with the loss of access to the replenishment wallet is invented, then the real owner will soon appear - already to restore access to his profile changed by the fraudster. But the situation is still not pleasant.

To summarize:

TrendsTurbo broker tip: Email protection

Email is one of the trader's tools that need protection for the reasons mentioned above.

Hacking is usually carried out for further resale to spammers. Moreover, hacking mail threatens to further hack all kinds of accounts tied to the mailbox. Actually, one of those accounts can even become the main target of the fraudsters.

The first thing to do to keep your email secure is to come up with a strong password. It is best if it is an arbitrary word set containing special characters like # / @. Changing passwords periodically is good hacking prevention.

TrendsTurbo broker tip: the main thing is to remember the complex password yourself., There are programs for storing them for those who’s not happy with their memory. However, to protect against accidents, it is not good saving email with passwords from trading accounts and client offices in the mailbox. Immediately write the login data into the password storage program, and delete the email itself.

Basic safety rules for working with a TrendsTurbo Forex broker's online cabinet

Let's summarize all of the above and list the main points that will help secure your client profile and your funds:

-          Always indicate your real data in the broker profile and go through full verification. The required minimum is phone and mail verification.

-          Set up complex passwords, store them in encrypted form in special programs or just remember them and don’t write down.

-          Install antivirus software on your computer and phone.

Remember that withdrawal and replenishment of funds is always carried out only through the broker's cabinet. Official TrendsTurbo Forex broker support will never ask for the full details of your card, or ask you to tell the robot the CVC code.



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My previous company closed, but I absolutely satisfyed with these guys. I have 1.5 pips spread for EURAUD and USDCAD.


I am a fan of after midnight trading. I am to too experienced, so I use support rather often. At day hours I have my other job, so trading now is only a hobby for me.

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